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Plus500 Review | 9 Key Ratings for 2020 –

This review aims to help potential traders learn about the broker, as it is a leading provider of CFDs for options, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, forex, and shares. Companyis based in the UK and has its main offices in London. Plus500UK Ltd is a Plus500 Ltd subsidiary, with that company found on the London Stock Exchange…

This review aims to help potential traders learn about the broker, as it is a leading provider of CFDs for options, indices, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, forex, and shares. Companyis based in the UK and has its main offices in London. Plus500UK Ltd is a Plus500 Ltd subsidiary, with that company found on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in Haifa.

The company was founded in 2008, offering an online trading platform that was PC-based and is growing quickly, currently offering clients a portfolio with access to more than 2,000 investments.


  • Regulated and authorised by the FCA
  • The parent company is publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market
  • The platform is easy to use


  • It offers limited research, analysis, and educational tools

What can you trade?

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

Any Plus500 forex review should indicate the breadth of instruments that the broker offers in this category. Offers a basic introduction to trading forex for clients to explore if they are new to this market.

There are more than 50 forex pairs available, offering leverage of up to 1:30 for retail clients. To help clients minimize risk, there are advanced trading tools, such as Guaranteed Stop, Stop Limit, and Stop Loss. This forex review also clarifies that there are no commissions for forex trades, as the broker primarily makes it profit on these assets via spreads.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

Any Plus500 CFD review will likely indicate that most instruments offered from the broker are only offered as CFDs. This includes cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, ETFs, options, and commodities.

Trading indices in the form of CFDs allows clients to enjoy leverage of up to 1:20 on the 31 available indices. There are also 22 commodities available, also with leverage as high as 1:20. The flexibility of CFDs is also important to note, as they offer the ability to put or call options with leverage of 1:5. Users can choose from popular options, such as Germany 30, Facebook, and Oil.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

The stocks available from this broker also are important to note in a CFD review. Plus500 does not allow traders to directly trade stocks but instead offers Contracts for Difference on them. This allows for the use of leverage.

Trading share CFDs with Plus500 gives clients a way to trade without stamp duty, allowing for savings of 0.5 per cent over traditional share purchases in the UK. There is also the ability to open a sell or buy position to make a potential profit in any type of market. Shares can have leverage of up to 1:5. Stocks are available from 22 different countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Additionally, you can review UK cannabis share offerings.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

No Plus500 UK review is complete without also mentioning CFDs of Exchange Traded Funds.

By trading these ETFs in the form of CFDs, broker can offer leverage of up to 1:5. There are more than 90 ETF CFDs for traders to choose from.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

This broker also offers access to digital currencies, so clients should be sure to read Plus500 cryptocurrency reviews. As is common from brokers, cryptocurrencies are only available from Plus500 in the form of CFDs. This way, there is no need to get a digital wallet.

As you examine cryptocurrency review, you will notice that the broker offers access to more digital currencies than most competitors. Clients can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum/Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, IOTA, EOS, Stellar, Monero, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Tron, Monero, or the Crypto 10 Index. Leverage when trading these cryptocurrencies can be as high as 1:2, and the market is available 24/7.

What did our traders think after reviewing the key criteria?

Most Plus500 reviews agree that the broker remains competitive in terms of fees. It prides itself on being transparent about fees, without any surprises that will cut into the profits of traders. Most of the broker’s profits come from its spreads, which its own internal monitoring determined are among the industry’s tightest.

Also, you will notice that there are absolutely no fees for deposits, opening or closing trades, rolling positions, live sharing of CFD prices, real-time forex quotes, or dynamic charts and graphs. You will not have to pay any fees for withdrawals, the only exceptions are if your payment provider charges a fee or you exceed the maximum monthly withdrawals allowed, which is a generous figure.

For full transparency, you can easily review forex and CFD spreads before making a trade. The only downside is that this information is only visible when logged in. Just search for an instrument and then select the (i) details icon.

Our review does caution clients that the broker has certain fees. There is an inactivity fee of as much as USD 10 each month if you do not log in for three months or longer. There are also fees associated with overnight funding and guaranteed stop orders.

For more information on fees related to this broker, check out our guide to Plus500 fees and charges.

A Plus500 cryptocurrency review is likely to find the broker lacking in terms of the types of accounts offered. There is only a single type of retail account available, in addition to a professional account and a demo account.

In some cases, will allow clients to have two trading accounts, but this requires approval. Without approval, has the right to close the later account(s). Additionally, if a trader does get approval for multiple accounts, they will be independent, without the ability to transfer funds between them.

The demo account offers traders a way to get a feel for trading or to review forex rates and trading platforms themselves before investing real money. One very strong point is that you can use the demo account for as long as you want to review; in contrast, most competitors place limits on their demo accounts. Additionally, if the demo account’s balance reaches 200 EUR or lower (or its equivalent), it will automatically be reset, so you can continue to practice trading. This allows even experienced traders to use the demo account to plan strategies.

Professional customers can increase their leverage but must sacrifice their negative balance protection. Leverage on professional accounts can be as high as 1:300 for forex and indices, 1:150 for commodities, 1:100 for ETFs, 1:20 for shares and cryptocurrency, and 1:5 for options. All of these, except options, are higher leverages than you will find when you review retail accounts.

As is the standard across similar brokers, to become a professional client, Plus500 requires two of three criteria be met: (1) significant trading activity in the past year, (2) a portfolio with more than €500,000, or (3) experience in the sector of financial services.

Our Plus500 UK review team appreciates that the broker offers platforms for desktop and mobile devices but cautions that some traders will be disappointed in the lack of a familiar platform. Your Plus500 CFD review will not show you MetaTrader or any other platform you have likely used before.

plus500 platform

Even so, the platform offered is highly intuitive, and it is set up similarly to those of most other brokers. As such, few people who review broker via a demo account will take long to get used to the broker’s platform.

The compatibility across devices is impressive. In addition to an Android app and an iPhone/iPad app, even offers a Windows Phone app, something that is incredibly rare. There is also a Windows 10 desktop trader, although one is lacking for Mac OS. Mac users will have to rely on the Web Trader, which is compatible with Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Although the broker does not offer access to the platform without logging in, there are sufficient images available via the download pages to give you a feel for it.

In a review of Plus500 UK’s website, we found it to be highly usable. It has a clean, professional design with more colour than some, courtesy of the blue background. It is well laid out, making it simple to find the relevant sections as you review their offerings. Clients should be able to easily find information on the instruments offered, fees, and the company. The search bar also adds a convenient touch, as does the support for 32 languages.

The main support page for Plus500 is the FAQ section. This includes the information that clients and potential clients are most likely to be in search of. As expected, our review found the division of questions into categories and the inclusion of a search bar.

One feature that sets this cryptocurrency review apart from those of competitors is the 24/7 support availability. Most similar brokers only offer 24/5 support, so these extended hours should be reassuring to clients.

The options to contact Plus500 support directly are found on the FAQ page. These include the expected online chat and email, in addition to WhatsApp. A phone number would be an appreciated addition, as many clients prefer that mode of support, but our UK review found that the support via WhatsApp makes up for this in some respects.

plus500 who we are

Our Plus500 review explains the various deposit methods available for the broker’s clients. For added convenience, videos detailing some of these deposit methods are found in the FAQ section.

Card Payments

Card payments are accepted for deposits to Plus500, but only debit or credit cards from MasterCard or Visa.     

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are one of the choices for deposits. However, the process for starting one is slightly roundabout. Clients must begin the transfer process and have automatically email them the details they will use to complete the bank transfer.


It is also possible to make a deposit using electronic wallets, including Skrill and PayPal.

Our Plus500 review found that one area where improvement is needed is in educational materials and trading tools. The broker does offer an economic calendar as well as risk management tools, such as Close at Profit (limit) and Close at Loss (stop loss), Trailing Stop, and Guaranteed Stop orders. These also include convenient explanations with examples for beginners.

There is no obvious news or analysis available, something most brokers offer. To make up for this, traders can sign up for real-time push notifications, emails, and/or SMS alerts for per cent changes, price alerts, and traders’ sentiment per cents.

The educational content is also somewhat limited, with a single Trader’s Guide section. There are only five educational videos there. As such, all traders will need to find outside sources for additional education.

Our Plus500 review team is reassured by the regulation and deposit protection offered by the broker. Those who review broker’s policies will find that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorises and regulates it. This entitles retail clients to coverage under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, with compensation up to £85,000 per person.

As part of this regulation and authorisation, holds client funds on a segregated basis. Plus500 does not invest funds from retail clients and only uses its own funds for hedging.

There is no indication on its website or in any previous Plus500 review that this broker has been honoured with awards in the past. However, the broker does have many partnerships that can increase users’ confidence, including with Atletico de Madrid, Brumbies Rugby, Mercato 24, FX Empire, and

plus500 milestones

Plus500 FAQs

You can withdraw your funds from Plus500 through any of the following methods

  • Card Payments
  • Bank wire transfer
  • eWallets

The broker does not charge a fee for withdrawals but routes the payouts to the same payment gateway from where your deposits originated. So, if you have deposited funds from your card, the withdrawal would also be processed to your card.

Plus500 offers two account types – Standard and Professional. The minimum deposit for both the account types is €100/$100/£100. However, these would depend on your payment method too. For instance, the minimum deposit is €100/$100/£100 if you deposit funds via eWallets, Visa/MasterCard, Apple Pay, Trustly or Skrill. But, in the case of bank transfer, the minimum is €500/$500/£500.

The Plus500 leverage depends on the regulatory authority governing the broker. If you sign up with the CFD broker in Europe or the UK, the stringent regulations permit max leverage of 30:1 for retail clients. However, professional clients and those registering with the broker under the Seychelles Financial Services Authority receive max leverage of 300:1. Likewise, if you are residing in any other country like New Zealand or Singapore, the leverage could be different.

Plus500 offers more than 2000 financial instruments across FX, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, indices, ETFs and options. Besides, the broker is regulated in multiple jurisdictions, making them safe when it comes to depositing funds. However, there isn’t much for beginners in terms of education, and the proprietary trading platform could be challenging. So, if you are a beginner, you could look for a regulated broker offering the globally-acclaimed MT4 platform along with excellent trading conditions.

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Daily Financial News

ECB Minutes show no indication of exit discussion – MUFG

Derek Halpenny, European Head of GMR at MUFG, suggests that the release of the minutes from the September ECB policy meeting were pretty clear with the focus still very much on ensuring continued monetary stimulus.

Key Quotes

“The minutes stated that “there should be no doubt” that the Governing Council is determined to execute asset purchases and also emphasised that it would adopt further measures as required to reach its price stability goal. The minutes also showed that the Governing Council felt it was “crucial” to maintain the high level of monetary accommodation.

Add to that, we had comments yesterday from key ECB Council members to emphasise the maintenance of the current stance. Executive Board member Praet stated that recovery would stall if stimulus was removed prematurely while Constancio was more direct stating that the report on the ECB nearing a taper consensus was simply not correct.

So the stance of the ECB is unlikely to change and we maintain that the ECB will extend QE in December at the current pace with alterations recommended by staff committees allowing for an extension. While that in itself might not drive the euro weaker, it certainly limits the upside as we move toward that key meeting in December.”

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Is Your Portfolio’s Performance Satisfactory? (WMT, VOO, BOND)

What’s your investment portfolio’s performance? Do you know? Just 57% of U.S. adults are “financially literate,” according to a study from Standard & Poor’s titled the “2015 Global Financial Literacy Survey.” Another study by a large insurance company found that people are more frightened by planning their finances than dying.  What’s wrong?

Part of the problem is structural: Fewer than half of all U.S. states require high school students to enroll in a personal finance course.

(Audio) Portfolio Report Card on a $4 Million Account for T.R.

The other problem is psychological: People are fearful when it comes to saving and investing money.

Once a person has overcome these obstacles and gotten started with their investment plan, how can they know if their investment portfolio is making progress?

The Case for Benchmarking
The concept of “benchmarking” boils down to measuring the performance of your investments against relevant yardsticks. “Relevant” is key, because measuring performance against irrelevant yardsticks will inevitably lead to irrelevant results.

For example, racing a collie against a field of greyhounds could lead observers to incorrectly assume collies are slow. On the other hand, racing each dog against its corresponding breed will result in a more accurate view of canine speed. If your collie is able to easily outrun a field of competing collies, you have a fast dog. And if he/she can’t outrun a pack of greyhounds, it’s mainly because he/she isn’t a greyhound.

Beyond choosing relevant yardsticks, the exercise of measuring investment performance should become a consistent routine for all investors. Why? Because failing to periodically measure your portfolio’s performance, either by choice or by ignorance, leads to a distorted view of satisfactory results. Moreover, just because you’re comfortable with portfolio’s results doesn’t necessarily make the results satisfactory.

Level 1 Analysis
Benchmarking your investment performance is a layered process. Layer 1 is what I refer to as the “big picture” because it examines your portfolio’s investment performance against relevant passive yardsticks using an asset weighted approach. Let’s look at an example:

Portfolio ABC
30% U.S. stocks
10% International developed stocks
40% U.S. bonds
10% Global real estate
10% Money market (cash)

Comparing the performance results of a portfolio with exposure to different asset classes (like our example of Portfolio ABC shown above) against the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:VOO) is a common mistake. In this example, the vast majority of Portfolio ABC (70%) has non-U.S. equity exposure, which makes an all U.S. equity benchmark like the S&P 500 an irrelevant yardstick for all but Portfolio ABC’s 30% U.S. equity exposure (NYSEARCA:IWB).

Properly measured, the other assets like bonds (NYSEARCA:BOND) and real estate (NYSEARCA:ICF) should have their performance compared to relevant passive benchmarks over the exact same time frame. And together, the asset weighted returns for the passive benchmarks will explain whether portfolio’s performance has been satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Simply put, outperformance over identical time frames is good whereas underperformance isn’t.

Level 2 Analysis
Analyzing investment performance at level 2 is less “big picture” versus level 1. Why? Because level 2 analysis focuses on the performance examination of individual securities versus their respective peer group. Put another way, level 1 analysis is comparable to using a telescope whereas level 2 is comparable to using a microscope.

Below we use level 2 analysis by comparing the performance of Wal-Mart Stores (NYSE:WMT) against its peer industry group, consumer staples (NYSEARCA:XLP). Over the past 10-years, Wal-Mart has gained almost +103% against a +173.10% gain for the Consumer Staples Sector SPDR ETF. In other words, Wal-Mart has badly underperformed its peer group by a whopping +70% over the past 10-years!


Had we failed to use level 2 analysis on Wal-Mart by simply accepting the fact that its stock has gained +102.97%, we could’ve been easily misled to conclude that Wal-Mart’s 10-year equity performance  has been wine and roses. However, our level 2 analysis explicitly shows that Wal-Mart’s 10-year performance record has been substandard compared to its peers.

Because virtually all individual stocks will have a corresponding peer sector group, comparing the performance of a company’s equity performance isn’t just easier, but mandatory for all serious and truthful stockholders.

The proper way to determine satisfactory investment performance is to use relevant benchmarks over identical time frames. Level 1 analysis examines the portfolio’s asset weighted performance against passive yardsticks, whereas level 2 analysis focuses on the performance of individual securities.

Level 2 analysis can also be applied to mutual fund holdings, however, the fund’s underlying asset exposures vs. its peer group classification are far more important for correct analysis. This is a similar approach I use with the Portfolio Report Card grading system that I invented.

It’s crucial to remember that investment performance is directly impacted by your portfolio’s cost, risk, diversification, and taxes.  And while performance measurement is an ultra important step,  focusing exclusively on historical performance results and nothing else will tell you most of the story, but not all of it.

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EasyMarkets Demo Account Review for Practicing Trading

easymarkets demo account review
    • A 10+ Year Veteran of the Forex Market with a Strong Presence in Europe and Asia
    • One of the Few Brokers to Provide Guaranteed Stop Losses and Negative Balance Protection
    • Deep Product Coverage with CFDs on 95 Forex Pairs and Vanilla Forex Options on 23 pairs
    • Use Exclusive Tool Trade Controller More Effectively, Set Stop Loss and Profit Points For Your Trades
    • Personal Assistance with Trade Strategy and Order Execution from Dealing Room
  • stablished –2003
  • Domicile –Marshall Islands
  • Regulation –
  • Cyprus – CySEC (License Number 079/07), Australia – ASIC (AFSL 246566)
  • Restricted Jurisdictions –United States
  • Ownership –Privately Held
  • Segregated –Yes
  • Broker Type-Market Maker
  • Web Security –Verisign
  • Negative Balance Protection Policy –Yes

The EasyMarkets demo account review platform with a Demo account and experience simulated trading under live market conditions.

  1. No obligations,
  2. no cost
  3. no risk.

Feel the thrill ofEasymarkets Demo Account Review


trading the world’s markets, discover our trading platform and see for yourself just how easy we are.

this is the way to improve your techniques and professional traders to hone their skills. Try their trading simulator now for eight days. If you like them you can always open a live account, you’ll also get your lifetime demo account to practice trading strategies before you open live deals

EasyMarkets Demo Account Review Trading Features

EasyMarkets guarantees trade execution at pre-set stop-loss and profit points.  EasyMarkets is able to offer this because of its time tested risk management systems and procedures.  Brokers who do not provide these protections may execute an order at a very different level than your stop levels (also known as slippage), causing you to have much greater losses than anticipated.  Please note that this guarantee is only available for trades placed via EasyMarkets ’s web trading and mobile platform.

EasyMarkets is one of the few brokers with a negative balance protection policy.  Traders can incur a negative balance if the market gaps quickly and the broker is forced to close out open trades at a loss exceeding the account’s equity.  While some brokers begrudgingly forgave negative balances after the CHF crisis on a one-off basis, EasyMarkets is one of the few brokers offer this protection at all times and include it in its terms of service.

This Broker has more in-depth coverage of the markets than most forex brokers.   It offers CFDs on 95 currency pairs, 16 commodities, and 15 indices.  However, its coverage isn’t as broad as other brokers, some of which also offer CFDs on individual shares, bonds and ETFs.

EasyMarkets is one of the few forex brokers to offer vanilla forex options on the same platform.  This means you don’t have to switch to a different platform or broker when you want to options.  You can also use the same pool of funds for your option trades.

This means you don’t have to deal with  the hassle of transferring funds around and avoid withdrawal and deposit fees from other brokers.  EasyMarkets allows you to trade options on 23 currency pairs.  While there are no margin requirements for options, however, you will not be able to sell options unless you have an existing position in the underlying.

EasyMarkets offers up to 200:1 leverage on most currency pairs.  Automated trading available with Expert Advisors via Metatrader 4.

Market Analysis and Education

EasyMarkets provides a number of exclusive tools to help you optimize your trading.  The Inside Viewer allows you to see which are the most popularity traded currency pairs, the percentage of bullish / bearish traders, and the average stop losses and profit points on Easy-Forex.EasyMarkets demo account review


Trade Controller is a great tool which aids you in setting and modifying stop loss and profit points for your trades.  Its intuitive visual display allows to see profit / loss levels as both dollar amounts and exchange rates.

EasyMarkets demo account review

You are also given access to Reuters news feeds, exclusive fundamental analysis from EasyMarkets ’s research team, and technical analysis from leading independent research firm, Trading Central.  You can set SMS alerts for fills on limit orders, trade closings, and exchange rate levels.

this Broker has a nice archive of educational articles, videos, and eBooks.  They also have a well maintained YouTube channel where they provide videos on timely topics in the forex markets.  EasyMarkets also hosts the occasional webinar and in person seminar.

easymarkets demo account review Trading Features

  • CFD’s –Forex, Indices, commodities
  • Currency Pairs –95
  • Leverage –up to 200:1
  • Cryptocurrencies –No
  • Options –Forex Options
  • Trading Signals –Yes, Trading Central
  • Automated Trading –Yes
  • Social Trading –No
  • Phone Trading –No

easymarkets demo account review –  Trading Platforms

EasyMarkets demo account review Platforms 

  • Metatrader 4 (PC), Metatrader Multi-terminal (PC), EasyMarkets Web Trader (Browser), Metatrader 4 Mobile (iPhone, Android), EasyMarkets Mobile (iPhone, Blackberry)
  • Metatrader –Yes
  • Mac Software –No
  • Mobile Trading –Yes

easymarkets demo account review –  Customer Service

  • Online Support –Live chat and email
  • Phone Support –Yes
  • Multi-Lingual Support –Yes
  • Personal Account Manager –Dealing Desk Access for VIP accounts (USD 20,000 minimum deposit)

easymarkets demo account review –  Account Options

  • Minimum Initial Deposit –$25
  • Base Currencies –EUR, GBP, USD, CNY, AUD, PLN, ILS, ZAR, NOK, JPY
  • Minimum Lot Size –5,000
  • Account Types –Standard, Premium, VIP
  • Payment Options –Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Bank Transfers

Safety and Security

asy-Forex is a respected veteran of the forex industry with 10+ years operating history. Its parent company is a privately held company domiciled in the Marshall Islands. EasyMarkets has offices in major financial centers around the world including London, Shanghai, Limassol, Warsaw and Sydney.

EasyMarkets is currently regulated by CySEC in Cyprus and by ASIC in Australia. They previously held coveted US licenses but decided to withdraw in 2010 after regulatory capital requirements were increased twenty fold during the recent financial crisis.

Over its more than a decade long operating history, EasyMarkets has been subject to a few small regulatory fines from CySEC relating to its advertising practices in 2010 and compliances lapses in 2009. There is an Israeli class action lawsuit alleging that Easy Forex provided investment advice without proper licenses.  There was a similar suit in 2010 that was subsequently settled out of court.  Overall, there hasn’t been regulatory action in recent years and the issues above didn’t endanger client funds or integrity of EasyMarkets ’s trading system.

Customer funds are held in segregated accounts in a number of reputable European banks and ANZ bank.  Online payments are secured by Verisign and EasyMarkets is subject to yearly audits by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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Trading Forex, Stocks and CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely.

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