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NSFX Demo Account Review | 2018 Must Read |

NSFX best forex demo

NSFX Demo Account Review


NSFX Demo Account ReviewThere are brokers that work without making too much noise but are at the same time one ofthe top brokers in the industry?

 is worthy of your consideration, even though they just opened their doors for business in 2012.

The firm is subject to some of the strictest regulatory compliance regimens on the planet, and it has taken specific steps to segregate your deposits in Tier-1 banks in separate accounts, far from their operating capital.

Financial professionals that understand the business and know how technology can reshape the competitive playing field founded in 2012.

The firm has operating licenses issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (The MFSA), files monthly compliance reports with major regulatory bodies, and is in full compliance with the European MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), the FSA, and many other regulatory bodies across Europe.

The company distinguishes itself, however, in its approach to technology.

They use the Metatrader 4 line of products, but they have gone one step further, utilizing the best, designers, software developers, and analysts to create an innovative framework not seen from other brokers. The term their new approach as “MyNSFX”, defined as “a unified client and partner management console that incorporates the trading platform with every tool no more than one click away and is fully integrated into the core system.”

PURE ECN: NSFX offers Electronic Communication Network technology, which seeks to guarantee that traders always trade under the best trading conditions.

The firm’s obvious goal is to immerse you in the next generation of forex trading.

NSFX Beginners’ and Customer Support

The website may be viewed either in English & Arabic. An account manager is assigned to each new account, and customer service representatives are available “24/7” that speak each of the above languages with the exception of Turkish.

The Trading Academy is also free and is full of resources that will benefit beginner and veteran alike from learning the basics to developing complex trading strategies. There are weekly webinars on all aspects of trading and a vast library of video tutorials.

they have an very extensive academy for the new traders, this part they offer a video Course.

FX Video Courses  | NSFX Demo Account Gives access

Features of NSFX

Why trade with The firm lists these reasons:

  • NSFX is in compliance with all major regulatory agencies across Europe;
  • Client deposits are 100% segregated in Tier-1 bank accounts, separate from the firm’s operating capital;
  • The firm has partnered with Barclays, CitiFX Pro, UBS, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank to secure the stability, safety and liquidity that only large banking institutions can provide;
  • Negative balance protection is provided on all accounts;
  • Trade 70+ currency pairs, choosing fixed or variable spread trading methods;
  • Trade from any device with the company’s proprietary trading platform or use one of the many MT4 trading offerings for either traditional or ECN type trading efficiency;
  • Leverage varies by platform choice but can be as high as 200:1;
  • Spreads can be as low as 0.9 pips on the EUR/USD pair;
  • A personal account manager is included with each account package;
  • Registration is free, but the minimum deposit is $300;
  • Major credit and debit cards, wire transfer, and a variety of local payment methods ensure prompt and easy movements of funds;
  • Full range of educational and training materials, ebooks, and tutorials;
  • Customer service reps are available “24/7” and speak English, Arabic, Italian, and German, while the website can be read in each of these plus Turkish.

Account Comparison

Initial Minimum Deposit300 USD3,000 USD5,000 USD
Lot Size (FX)100,000 Units100,000 Units100,000 Units
Minimum Trade0.01 Lot0.01 Lot0.01 Lot
Maximum LeverageUp to 1:50Up to 1:50Up to 1:50
SpreadsFixedVariable SpreadsVariable with Market Depth
InstrumentsFX Majors50+ Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indices50+ Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indices
Deposit OptionsBank Wire, Credit Card, SkrillBank Wire, Credit Card, SkrillBank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill
Margin Call20%20%20%
MAC/Linux friendlyWeb-basedWeb-basedFull Download Version
Mobile Trading/TabletsiOS & AndroidiOS & AndroidiOS & Android
Live Support24 / 524 / 524 / 5
Daily AnalysisFreeFreeFree
ExecutionInstant ExecutionMarket ExecutionMarket execution
ScalpingNot AllowedAllowedAllowed
Expert AdvisorsDisabledEnabled (MQL)Enabled (Java)
Personal Account ManagerYesYesDedicated
*Commissions on TradesNo Commissions$8 per lot R/T$8 per lot R/T

Spreads and Leverage

Spreads using an ECN approach can be as thin as 0.9 pips for the Euro. Leverage varies by trading platform from 100:1 to 200:1.



 Developed in 2000 by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, the MetaTrader4 trading platform fast became one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. The MT4 platform is dynamic and user- friendly, providing traders with a powerful range of features and tools including:

Deposits and Withdrawals

All major credit/debit cards, Moneybookers (Skrill), banking wire transfer, and CashU are supported, making deposits and withdrawals a convenient and easy process. in addition The minimum deposit required has been set at $300, and withdrawal requests will be handled promptly, as long as internationally mandated identity documentation is already on file.

NSFX demo account review - funding methods


NSFX Ltd. holds a Category 3 investment services License no. IS/56519 issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (The MFSA).

Regulated by MFSA

Malta Financial Services Authority

The Malta Financial Services Authority MFSA is the single regulator for financial services in Malta. It was set up by special Act of Parliament, the Malta Financial Services Authority Act, 1988 as amended in 1994 and 2002 taking over supervisory functions previously carried out by the Central Bank of Malta, the Malta Stock Exchange and the Malta Financial Services Centre. The Authority is a fully autonomous public institution and reports to Parliament on an annual basis.
Read More »

MIFID Compliant

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

NSFX Ltd. complies with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). MiFID provides a harmonized regulatory environment for investment services across the European Economic Area (EEA). The main objectives of the MiFID Directive are to enhance financial transparency, increase competition, and offer greater consumer protection in investment services.
Read More »

NSFX Ltd. is authorised to operate within the EEA and the following regulatory bodies have given their approval for NSFX Ltd to provide cross border investment services in their country:


Financial Conduct Authority

United Kingdom – Registration Number: 595195

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent non-governmental body, given statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. It is a company limited by guarantee and financed by the financial services industry. Read More »


Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

Germany – Registration Number: 131055

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – BaFin) supervises banks, financial services providers, insurance undertakings and securities trading. The objective of financial supervision is to ensure the proper functioning, stability and integrity of the German financial market.
Read More »


French Prudential Supervisory Authority

France – Registration Number: 74397

The French Prudential Supervisory Authority (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel – ACP) is an independent administrative authority, which monitors the activities of banks and insurance companies in France. It operates under the auspices of the French central bank, Banque de France. Read More »


Italy – Registration Number: 3597

The supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market; its aims are to protect investors and the efficiency, transparency and development of the market. Read More »


Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores

Spain – Registration Number: 3354

The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) is the agency in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish Stock Markets and the activities of all the participants in those markets. It was created by the Securities Market Law, which instituted in-depth reforms of this segment of the Spanish financial system. Read More »


Denmark – Registration Number: 9221

The Danish FSA is part of the Ministry of Business and Growth and acts as secretariat for the Financial Business Council, the Danish Securities Council and the Money and Pension Panel. Read More »

NSFX Demo Account Review

, based in London, UK, is a distinguished financial analyst and forex trading specialist with a rich background spanning over 15 years in the financial sector. With a Master's degree in Finance from the Kingston University, he has carved out a niche as a currency strategist for top-tier banks and trading firms globally. Johnathan is a prolific contributor to financial magazines and online trading communities, offering expert analysis on forex market dynamics, trading strategies, and comprehensive broker reviews. His expertise is not just limited to analysis; he is deeply committed to educating traders, guiding them through the complexities of the forex market with clarity and authority. Johnathan's insights are sought after for their thoroughness, precision, and his dedication to empowering traders with knowledge to navigate the forex market confidently.

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A Detailed Lovacrypto Review

lovacrypto homepage

Table of Contents

A Detailed Lovacrypto Review

Looking for a reliable forex brokerage that puts your trading needs first? Enter Lovacrypto – your gateway to the exciting world of forex trading. With a user-friendly platform, competitive spreads, and a wealth of educational resources, is designed to help traders of all levels succeed in the forex market.

In today’s fast-paced trading environment, having access to the right tools and information can make all the difference. That’s why Lovacrypto offers a range of features designed to empower traders and enhance their trading experience. From advanced charting tools to real-time market data, provides everything you need to make informed trading decisions.

But what truly sets Lovacrypto apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. With a dedicated support team available 24/7, you can rest assured knowing that help is always just a click away. Whether you have a question about a trade or need assistance with a technical issue, Lovacrypto’s support team is there to help.

Of course, no brokerage is without its flaws, and is no exception. But despite its shortcomings, Lovacrypto remains a top choice for traders worldwide. With its intuitive platform, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer service, Lovacrypto is well-positioned to help you achieve your trading goals.

So why wait? Sign up for a Lovacrypto account today and take your trading to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or starting, has everything you need to succeed in the forex market.

Introduction to

Step into the dynamic world of forex trading with, where innovation meets reliability. As someone deeply immersed in the trading sphere, I’ve encountered my fair share of platforms, but Lovacrypto resonates with me for its blend of sophistication and accessibility. With a mission to empower traders with cutting-edge tools and unrivalled support, Lovacrypto has carved a niche as a premier brokerage. Join me as I unravel the layers of Lovacrypto’s offerings and discover why it’s a game-changer in the forex landscape.

Lovacrypto Account Offerings:

At Lova Crypto, diverse account options ensure traders of all levels find a suitable platform to engage with the financial markets effectively. The array of account types caters to traders’ varying needs, preferences, and expertise levels, offering a tailored experience that fosters growth and success.

  1. Basic Accounts: Ideal for beginners and those new to online trading, basic accounts offer a user-friendly entry point into financial markets. With a modest minimum deposit requirement, traders gain access to‘s intuitive trading platform, where they can initiate trades across a wide range of assets. Basic accounts are the foundation for building trading skills and familiarity with market dynamics.
  2. Intermediate Accounts: As traders progress, intermediate accounts provide an elevated trading experience with enhanced features and capabilities. These accounts offer access to an expanded suite of trading tools and resources, empowering traders to refine their strategies and optimize their performance. Additionally, intermediate account holders may benefit from personalized one-on-one sessions with seasoned industry experts, gaining valuable insights and guidance to elevate their trading prowess.
  3. Advanced Accounts: Designed for experienced traders seeking advanced functionalities and premium benefits, advanced accounts offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources tailored to sophisticated trading strategies. With higher leverage options and priority access to exclusive features, advanced account holders can take their trading to the next level, executing trades precisely and confidently. Moreover, advanced accounts may include VIP perks such as expedited withdrawals and dedicated account managers, ensuring a seamless and rewarding trading experience.
  4. Corporate Accounts: For institutional clients and corporate entities, Lova Crypto offers specialized corporate accounts designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the financial markets. Corporate accounts provide access to customized solutions, institutional-grade trading tools, and dedicated support services, enabling organizations to execute complex trading strategies and manage their portfolios efficiently and precisely.

In addition to the distinct account types, prioritizes trader education, offering a wealth of educational resources and training materials to empower clients with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the markets. From comprehensive eBooks and video tutorials to live webinars and seminars, traders can access a robust educational ecosystem that fosters continuous learning and development.

By offering a comprehensive range of account options and extensive educational support, LovaCrypto ensures that traders have the tools, resources, and guidance needed to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive trading landscape.

Assessing LovaCrypto’s WebTrader Capabilities:

Exploring the functionality and features of LovaCrypto’s WebTrader platform, let’s break down its capabilities into a concise bullet list:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The WebTrader platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders of all experience levels to navigate and utilize its features effectively.
  • Multi-Asset Trading: Traders have access to a wide range of tradable assets, including forex currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, providing ample opportunities for diversification.
  • Real-Time Market Data: The platform offers real-time market data, including live price quotes, charts, and market depth, enabling traders to stay informed and make timely trading decisions.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: Traders can utilize advanced charting tools and technical indicators to conduct in-depth technical analysis. Features include customizable chart layouts, drawing tools, trendlines, and various technical indicators to assist in market analysis.
  • Order Management: The WebTrader platform provides robust order management functionalities, allowing traders to place, modify, and close orders with ease. Features like stop-loss and take-profit orders help traders manage risk and optimize their trading strategies.
  • Social Trading Integration: Traders can directly engage with a vibrant social trading community within the WebTrader platform. Features may include social feeds, trader sentiment analysis, and the ability to follow and copy trades from successful traders.
  • Educational Resources: The platform may offer access to academic resources, including ebooks, video tutorials, and webinars, to help traders enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Mobile Compatibility: While primarily accessed through web browsers, the WebTrader platform may offer mobile compatibility, allowing traders to access the platform from smartphones and tablets for convenient online trading.
  • Security Features: prioritizes the security of its WebTrader platform, implementing encryption protocols and robust security measures to safeguard traders’ personal and financial information.
  • Customer Support: Traders can access customer support directly from the WebTrader platform, with options for live chat, email support, and comprehensive FAQs to address any inquiries or issues they may encounter.

In summary, Lova Crypto’s WebTrader platform offers comprehensive features to meet traders’ diverse needs. With its user-friendly interface, multi-asset trading capabilities, advanced charting tools, social trading integration, and robust security measures, the platform provides traders with the tools and support they need to succeed in today’s dynamic markets.

lovacrypto trading platforms

lovacrypto trading platforms

Lova Crypto’s Range of Tradable Assets:

At LovaCrypto, traders can access diverse financial instruments spanning various markets, empowering them to explore and capitalize on various opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your trading journey, our platform offers the tools and resources you need to thrive. Let’s delve into the array of assets available for trading:

  1. Forex (Foreign Exchange):
    • Engage in forex trading with major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and minor and exotic currency pairs.
    • Leveraged trading can amplify your purchasing power and potentially magnify your profits or losses. Leverage allows you to control a larger position with a relatively small investment, but managing risk effectively is essential.
  2. Commodities:
    • Trade diverse commodities, including precious metals like gold and silver, energy commodities like crude oil and natural gas, and agricultural products.
    • Leverage enables traders to access larger positions in the commodity markets, amplifying potential gains or losses. However, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with leveraged trading and implement risk management strategies.
  3. Cryptocurrencies:
    • Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with leading digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP).
    • Leverage allows traders to take advantage of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, amplifying potential returns. However, before trading cryptocurrencies on margin, it is important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research.
  4. Indices:
    • You can access major global indices, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225.
    • With leveraged trading, you can amplify your exposure to index movements and capitalize on market trends. However, assessing your risk tolerance and implementing risk management strategies when trading on margin is essential.
  5. Stocks (CFDs):
    • Trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on a wide range of individual stocks from global exchanges.
    • Leverage allows traders to access a more extensive range of stocks with a smaller initial investment, potentially magnifying profits and losses. Understanding the implications of leveraged trading and managing risk prudently is crucial.

By offering leveraged trading on diverse assets, provides traders the flexibility and opportunity to pursue their investment objectives. However, it’s essential to approach leveraged trading cautiously and prioritize risk management to safeguard your capital and maximize your potential returns.

Security, KYC/AML Compliance, and Fund Protection

When it comes to online trading, security and regulatory compliance are non-negotiables. Lova Crypto understands this imperative and has implemented robust measures to safeguard user accounts, ensure KYC/AML compliance, and protect user funds.

Advanced Security Measures:

  • Encryption Protocols: Lova Crypto employs cutting-edge encryption protocols, including SSL encryption, to secure user data and transactions. This encryption technology ensures that sensitive information, such as personal details and financial data, remains confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): To enhance login security, LovaCrypto offers 2FA to all users. This additional layer of authentication requires users to provide a unique verification code, usually sent to their mobile device and their password. By requiring both factors for authentication, 2FA significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to accounts.
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems: The platform has advanced firewall and intrusion detection systems that continuously monitor network traffic for suspicious activities and potential threats. This proactive approach helps thwart cyber attacks and safeguard the platform’s infrastructure and users’ sensitive information.

KYC/AML Compliance:

  • Identity Verification: To comply with KYC regulations, requires users to undergo identity verification by submitting valid identification documents and proof of address. This stringent verification process helps verify users’ identities, prevent fraudulent account creation, and mitigate the risk of money laundering and other illicit activities.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Lova Crypto employs sophisticated algorithms and manual review processes to monitor real-time transactions. By analyzing transaction patterns and detecting suspicious activities, the platform can identify and prevent potential instances of money laundering, fraud, and other illicit financial activities.
  • Compliance Oversight: A dedicated compliance team oversees the platform’s KYC/AML procedures, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. This team continuously updates internal policies, monitors regulatory developments, and collaborates with regulatory authorities to maintain compliance standards.

Fund Protection:

  • Segregated Accounts: User funds deposited on the LovaCrypto platform are held in segregated bank accounts, separate from the company’s operational funds. This segregation of funds ensures that users’ trading capital remains protected and inaccessible to creditors or third parties, even in insolvency.
  • Regulated Banking Partners: Lova Crypto partners with reputable, regulated financial institutions to provide banking services and custody solutions for user funds. These banking partners adhere to strict regulatory standards, undergo regular audits, and maintain sufficient capital reserves to safeguard client assets.
  • Insurance Coverage: Besides segregation and regulatory oversight, LovaCrypto may offer insurance coverage to protect user funds against unforeseen events, such as cyber theft or insolvency. This insurance policy provides additional financial security and peace of mind for traders.

Lova Crypto maintains a secure and trustworthy trading environment by prioritizing security, ensuring KYC/AML compliance, and implementing stringent measures to protect user funds. Traders can confidently engage with the platform, knowing their assets are safeguarded, and regulatory obligations are diligently met.

Exploring Regulatory Oversight: Understanding LovaCrypto’s Regulatory Status

When considering investing with LovaCrypto, it’s natural to wonder about regulation. Here, we’ll explain what it means for you as an investor.

Concerns about Regulation:

  1. Protecting Investors: Regulations are like safety nets for investors. They set rules to make sure your money is safe and that you have a way to resolve any issues. Without regulation, there may be worries about how well your investments are protected and what happens if something goes wrong.
  2. Keeping Things Fair: Regulations also ensure that markets are fair and transparent. They prevent things like cheating or hiding important information. Without these rules, there could be doubts about everything being done fairly.
  3. Managing Risks: Regulated platforms must follow strict rules to manage risks and keep enough money in reserve. Without regulation, there might be concerns about how well risks are managed and whether there’s enough money to cover losses if things don’t go as planned.

Reassurances and Responses:

  1. Being Open and Honest: Although LovaCrypto isn’t regulated, it believes in being open about how it works. It provides clear information about its policies and procedures so that you know what to expect. This transparency helps you make informed choices.
  2. Building Trust: Lova Crypto has built a good reputation in the trading world, even without regulation. People have had positive experiences and trust the platform. While regulation is nice, knowing others trust the platform can also give you confidence.
  3. Learning and Growing: LovaCrypto wants you to understand trading and the risks involved. They offer many educational materials, like tutorials and webinars, to help you learn. By knowing more about trading, you can make smarter decisions and better protect your investments.

In short, while regulation is important, it’s not the only thing to consider when choosing a platform like Transparency, reputation, and education also play big roles in building trust. Do your homework and be cautious with any investment, whether the platform is regulated.

Educational Resources at LovaCrypto prioritizes trader education, offering a range of resources to enhance trading knowledge and skills:

1. Dive into Knowledge

Traders can access a wide range of materials, including webinars, articles, and e-books. These resources cover various topics, from basic trading principles to advanced strategies, catering to traders of all experience levels.

2. Empower Your Trading

The platform provides robust trading tools such as economic calendars, e-books and technical analysis indicators. These tools equip traders with real-time market insights, helping them make informed decisions and seize opportunities as they arise.

3. Elevate Your Trading Journey

Education is key to success in trading, and LovaCrypto is committed to supporting traders on their journey. The platform empowers traders to grow their skills and navigate the markets confidently by offering comprehensive educational resources and powerful trading tools.

Bonuses and Promotions:

LovaCrypto understands the value of rewarding its traders, so it offers a range of bonuses and promotions to enhance their trading journey. Here’s what traders can expect:

  • Welcome Bonus: New traders may be eligible for a welcome bonus from upon signing up. This bonus serves as a token of appreciation for choosing LovaCrypto as their trading platform and can provide them with additional funds to kick-start their trading activities.
  • Deposit Bonuses: LovaCrypto occasionally provides deposit bonuses to incentivize traders to fund their accounts. These bonuses are typically offered as a percentage of the deposited amount, giving traders extra capital to explore the markets and potentially increase their trading opportunities.
  • Referral Program: LovaCrypto offers a referral program where traders can earn rewards for referring others to the platform. By inviting friends, family, or acquaintances to join LovaCrypto, traders can receive bonuses or other incentives when their referrals sign up and begin trading.

Traders should carefully review the terms and conditions of each bonus and promotion LovaCrypto offers. These terms outline requirements or restrictions, such as minimum deposit thresholds, trading volume targets, and withdrawal conditions. By familiarizing themselves with the terms and conditions, traders can maximize the benefits of bonuses and promotions while ensuring responsible trading practices.

Understanding Regulation: Evaluating LovaCrypto’s Regulatory Landscape

Delving into the regulatory aspect of Lova Crypto is crucial for investors seeking security and trustworthiness in their trading platform. Let’s explore the significance of regulation and how it pertains to Lova Crypto.

Raising Concerns about Regulation:

  1. Investor Protection: Regulation serves as a shield, safeguarding investors’ interests and ensuring a level playing field. The absence of regulatory oversight may raise concerns about the platform’s commitment to protecting investors’ funds and resolving disputes effectively.
  2. Ensuring Fairness: Regulatory frameworks uphold fairness and transparency in the market, preventing fraudulent activities and providing equal opportunities for all participants. Without regulatory oversight, questions may arise regarding the platform’s adherence to fair practices and disclosure of vital information.
  3. Mitigating Risks: Regulated entities are bound by stringent risk management protocols and capital requirements, minimizing the likelihood of financial instability and ensuring adequate reserves to cover potential losses. The absence of regulation could lead to uncertainties regarding risk management practices and the platform’s economic resilience.

Addressing Concerns:

  1. Transparency and Accountability: Despite lacking regulatory oversight, LovaCrypto emphasizes transparency and accountability in its operations. The platform provides comprehensive information about its policies, procedures, and security measures, empowering investors to make informed decisions.
  2. Establishing Trust: Lova Crypto has garnered a positive reputation within the trading community, bolstering investor confidence despite the absence of regulation. The platform’s reliability and integrity track record instils trust among users, demonstrating its commitment to ethical business practices.
  3. Empowering Investors: Lova Crypto prioritizes investor education, offering resources such as tutorials, webinars, and educational materials to equip users with the knowledge and skills to navigate the trading landscape effectively. The platform aims to mitigate risks and enhance trading outcomes by educating investors.

In conclusion, while regulatory oversight provides an additional layer of assurance, investors can still find value in platforms like Lova Crypto that prioritize transparency, trustworthiness, and investor education. By conducting thorough due diligence and leveraging available resources, investors can make informed decisions tailored to their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Exploring Financial Transactions with Lova Crypto: An In-Depth Review

As investors navigate the realm of online trading, understanding the intricacies of depositing and withdrawing funds is paramount. Here’s an extensive analysis of the financial transactions process with Lova Crypto, presented from the perspective of a third-party reviewer.

Depositing Funds:

LovaCrypto offers investors many funding methods catering to diverse preferences and needs. From traditional bank wire transfers to modern online payment platforms and cryptocurrency wallets, users have ample choices to initiate deposits seamlessly. The platform’s intuitive interface guides investors through the deposit process, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Moreover, LovaCrypto maintains transparency regarding deposit fees, empowering investors to make informed decisions about their financial transactions.

Withdrawing Funds:

Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations is a top priority for LovaCrypto, as evidenced by its stringent security protocols and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. By implementing robust measures to mitigate the risk of illicit activities, LovaCrypto instils trust and confidence in its investor community. Withdrawal requests are processed efficiently, with the platform striving to expedite transactions and provide timely access to funds. Responsive customer support channels further enhance the withdrawal experience, ensuring investors receive prompt assistance whenever needed.

Regulatory Considerations:

While LovaCrypto operates as a reputable online trading service provider, it’s essential to note that no financial authority regulates the platform. While this lack of regulation may raise concerns among some investors, it’s important to consider Lov Crypto’s reliability and transparency track record. By adhering to stringent security measures and industry best practices, LovaCrypto aims to mitigate risks and protect investors’ interests to the best of its ability.

Summary: offers investors a comprehensive and secure financial transaction experience cwithdiverse funding options, robust security protocols, and responsive customer support. While regulatory considerations may warrant attention, LovaCrypto’s commitment to transparency and investor protection remains steadfast. As investors navigate their financial journey with Lova Crypto, they can trust the platform’s reliability and dedication to facilitating seamless transactions.

LovaCrypto’s Fee Structure

In the realm of trading, comprehending the financial intricacies is paramount. LovaCrypto provides a comprehensive insight into its fee structure, ensuring users understand the costs involved. Let’s delve into the specifics:

1. Spreads: A Comprehensive Analysis

Spreads, the disparity between the bid and ask prices, are the spreads that are the main income of a broker. LovaCrypto is committed to offering competitive spreads across a spectrum of trading instruments, fostering an environment where users can execute trades with confidence and efficiency.

2. Commissions: Shedding Light on Trade Execution

Beyond spreads, users may encounter commissions and charges levied for executing trades. These fees are explicitly disclosed, enabling users to accurately assess the cost implications of their trading activities. LovaCrypto strives to maintain equitable commission rates, ensuring users receive fair transaction value.

3. Additional Charges: Exploring Beyond Spreads and Commissions

In addition to spreads and commissions, users should be aware of ancillary charges such as inactivity fees or withdrawal charges. While LovaCrypto endeavours to keep these fees to a minimum, users must familiarize themselves with any potential additional costs associated with their trading activities.

4. Fee Transparency: Empowering Informed Decision-Making

Transparency lies at the core of Lova Crypto’s ethos. empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their trading endeavours by providing a detailed breakdown of its fee structure. With a commitment to fair pricing and transparent communication, LovaCrypt.como aims to facilitate a seamless trading experience for all users.

Customer Support:

LovaCrypto strongly emphasises providing exceptional customer support to its users, ensuring a seamless trading experience. Here’s how they make themselves available to assist traders:

Contact Channels:

  • Phone Assistance: Traders can easily contact LovaCrypto’s dedicated support team by dialing +1-718-488-5710. The phone lines are operational 24 hours daily from Monday to Friday, accommodating traders from various time zones.
  • Email Support: For more detailed inquiries or assistance, traders can send their questions to [email protected]. LovaCrypto’s support team endeavours to respond promptly to all email queries, providing comprehensive solutions and guidance.
  • Live Chat Feature: offers a live chat feature directly on its website, enabling traders to engage with support representatives in real time. Clicking on the live chat icon allows traders to initiate conversations and receive immediate assistance with their concerns.
  • FAQ Section: To address common questions and concerns, LovaCrypto maintains a comprehensive FAQ section on its website. This resource serves as a valuable self-help tool, offering quick answers to queries related to account management, trading processes, deposit and withdrawal procedures, and more.

By offering multiple communication channels, including phone support, email assistance, live chat, and a detailed FAQ section, LovaCrypto ensures that traders can access the necessary support and guidance to navigate the platform effectively and address any issues they may encounter.

pros and cons


  1. Competitive Spreads: Lovacrypto offers competitive spreads on its trading instruments, ensuring that traders can access the markets at cost-effective rates. Low spreads contribute to reduced trading costs and potentially higher profitability for traders.
  2. User-Friendly Platforms: The trading platforms offered by are user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for both beginner and experienced traders to navigate and execute trades efficiently. The availability of web and mobile platforms ensures flexibility and convenience for traders.
  3. Global Accessibility: Lovacrypto offers its services globally, providing access to traders from various regions around the world. This global accessibility ensures that traders can participate in the financial markets regardless of their geographical location.
  4. Responsive Customer Support: offers 24/5 customer support to assist traders with any queries or issues they may encounter while using the platform. The responsive customer support team ensures that traders receive timely assistance whenever needed.
  5. Diverse Asset Selection: Lovacrypto provides a diverse range of assets for trading, including forex, commodities, metals, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This wide selection allows traders to diversify their portfolios and explore different investment opportunities.


  1. Limited Transparency: The lack of regulatory oversight may contribute to limited transparency in Lovacrypto’s operations. Traders may prefer brokers that prioritize transparency and adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure fair and ethical practices.
  2. Risk of Volatility: As with any trading activity, there is always a risk of market volatility, which can result in potential losses for traders. It’s essential for traders to be aware of the risks involved in trading and to use risk management strategies to mitigate potential losses.
  3. Limited Promotional Offers: Compared to some other brokers, may offer fewer promotional incentives and bonuses to attract new traders and reward existing clients. More promotional offers and bonuses could help incentivize trading activity and enhance the overall trading experience.
  4. Limited Account Types: Lovacrypto offers a limited range of account types, which may not cater to the specific needs and preferences of all traders. Having more account options with varying features and benefits could enhance the flexibility and customization options for traders.
  5. Regulatory Concerns: One of the main drawbacks of Lovacrypto is the lack of regulatory oversight. As an unregulated broker, there may be concerns regarding the security of funds and the overall transparency of the platform. Traders may prefer brokers that are regulated by reputable authorities for added peace of mind.

Lovacrypto, AMarkets, and another broker:

Global Presence
Low Spread
Multi-Language Support
Number of Assets100+200+N/A
Trading InstrumentsForex, CommoditiesForex, Indices,Forex, Indices,
Metals, StocksMetals
Trading PlatformsWeb Trader,Web Trader,MetaTrader 4,
Mobile App (IOS,Mobile app,MetaTrader 5,
Android),MetaTrader 4,Web Trader,
MetaTrader 5TradingView
Account TypesStandard, Raw,Standard, Fixed,Classic, Raw,
RegulationNot regulatedRegulated byRegulated by FCA,
FinancialCySEC, FSCA,
CommissionLabuan FSA
Deposit & WithdrawalMinimum DepositMinimum DepositMinimum Deposit
starting from $10$100 USD (Standard$€£100
and Fixed), $200
Customer Support24/724/724/7

Explanation and Findings:

  • Lovacrypto and AMarkets offer a global presence and multi-language support, similar to Tickmill.
  • and Tickmill offer low spreads, while AMarkets does not.
  • Both Lovacrypto and AMarkets offer a wide range of trading instruments including forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, while Tickmill additionally offers indices, metals, and stocks.
  • Trading platforms vary between the brokers, with providing Web Trader, Mobile App (IOS, Android), and MetaTrader 5, AMarkets offering Web Trader, Mobile app, and MetaTrader 4, and Tickmill offering MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Web Trader, and TradingView.
  • Account types also vary, with Lovacrypto offering Standard, Raw, and Pro accounts, AMarkets offering Standard, Fixed, and ECN accounts, and Tickmill offering Classic, Raw, and Futures accounts.
  • While and Tickmill are regulated by multiple authorities including FCA, CySEC, FSCA, and Labuan FSA, AMarkets is regulated by the Financial Commission. Regulatory status could be a consideration for traders.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options are available with varying minimum deposit requirements across the three brokers.
  • All three brokers offer 24/7 customer support.


Lovacrypto positions itself as an appealing forex brokerage by offering a user-friendly platform, competitive spreads, and a rich suite of educational resources. This combination is designed to attract and support traders at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Lovacrypto’s strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, underscored by its around-the-clock support team, reinforces its commitment to providing a supportive trading environment.

Despite these advantages, potential users must consider the brokerage’s limitations, notably the lack of regulatory oversight, which may evoke concerns regarding security and fund safety. However, Lovacrypto’s competitive pricing and robust platform features generally position it as a compelling choice for traders looking to enhance their forex trading efficacy.

In summary, Lovacrypto offers a promising blend of accessibility, functionality, and support, making it a viable option for traders aiming to navigate the complex forex market. Prospective users should weigh its benefits against the inherent risks of a non-regulated entity to make an informed trading decision.

Lovacrypto Detailed FAQs

1. What is

  • Lovacrypto is an online forex and CFD brokerage that offers trading services in forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies across sophisticated trading platforms.

2. Is regulated?

  • No, is not currently regulated by any financial regulatory authority. However, the platform emphasizes its commitment to transparency and best practice standards in the trading industry.

3. What trading platforms are available at

  • Lovacrypto offers the WebTrader and Mobile Trader platforms. WebTrader is designed for seamless trading through a web browser, while Mobile Trader enables trading on mobile devices with apps available for iOS and Android.

4. How can I open an account with Lovacrypto?

  • You can open an account by registering on their website. The process involves providing personal information, verifying your identity, and fulfilling compliance requirements.

5. What types of accounts does Lovacrypto offer?

  • Lovacrypto offers various account types including Starter, Advanced, Expert, and VIP accounts, catering to different levels of traders from beginners to experienced professionals.

6. Are there any fees for trading with Lovacrypto?

  • Lovacrypto charges fees in the form of spreads and may include commissions depending on the account type. Other fees might include inactivity fees and withdrawal fees. Detailed information is provided transparently on their platform.

7. How do I fund my account?

  • You can fund your account using several methods: bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, online payment methods, and cryptocurrencies. Each method is guided by easy-to-follow instructions on their platform.

8. What is the minimum deposit required at Lovacrypto?

  • The minimum deposit at depends on the account type, with Starter accounts typically requiring a lower minimum to make it accessible for beginners.

9. How does Lovacrypto ensure the security of my funds?

  • Lovacrypto uses segregated accounts to keep clients’ funds separate from the company’s operating funds. Additionally, they implement robust security measures including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA).

10. Can I trade cryptocurrencies with Lovacrypto?

  • Yes, Lovacrypto allows traders to trade various cryptocurrencies, offering them the opportunity to engage with the volatile crypto market.

11. What customer support options does Lovacrypto offer?

  • Lovacrypto offers comprehensive customer support through live chat, phone support, and email. These services are available 24/7 to assist with any inquiries or trading issues.

12. What educational resources does Lovacrypto offer to traders?

  • Lovacrypto provides a wealth of educational resources, including live webinars, interactive tutorials, in-depth articles, and e-books designed to cater to traders at all experience levels.

Johnathan Edwards

Johnathan Edwards

The Author Jonathan Edwards, based in London, UK, is a distinguished financial analyst and forex trading specialist with a rich background spanning over 15 years in the financial sector. With a Master’s degree in Finance from Kingston University, he has carved out a niche as a global currency strategist for top-tier banks and trading firms. Johnathan is a prolific contributor to financial magazines and online trading communities, offering expert analysis on forex market dynamics, trading strategies, and comprehensive broker reviews. His expertise is not just limited to analysis; he is deeply committed to educating traders and guiding them through the complexities of the forex market with clarity and authority. Johnathan’s insights are sought after for their thoroughness, precision, and his dedication to empowering traders with knowledge to navigate the forex market confidently.

Forex Trading Risk Disclaimer

Forex trading involves significant loss risk and is unsuitable for all investors. The high level of leverage can work against you and for you, potentially leading to substantial losses, including exceeding your initial investment. Before engaging in forex trading, it’s crucial to carefully consider your financial objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. The content on this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.

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Please leave a comment below to share:

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Broker news

Capitalix-It is a good choice in 2024?


Table of Contents

Is Capitalix a Good Choice for Trading in 2024?

Warning: Investing carries the risk of loss


At, we uphold stringent standards to ensure an impartial review process. Our reviews are meticulously conducted, evaluating each broker’s offerings and performance across four key categories. The final rating for each broker is derived from an analysis of 187 distinct elements. We encourage you to explore further for more detailed insights into our review processes and methodology.

In this Capitalix review, you’ll find the results of a period spent by’s team of experts studying the broker’s quality.

Here’s how to navigate this report on Capitalix and all of our reviews in general:

  • Part 1: First of all, in the “Our Opinion” section, you will find a summary of our personal opinions about Capitalix broker, as well as the essential advantages and disadvantages to consider.
  • Part 2: Secondly, within this section, you will find more detailed points and opinions about specific offers or services of the broker (e.g.,Is Capitalix suitable for CFD trading?)
  • Part 3: After the Reviews section, you’ll find four macro areas where we’ve carefully reviewed every aspect of Capitalix, which are Security, Costs & Accounts, Trading & Education, and Support.

We suggest you use the easy-to-access menu to navigate this content.

And don’t forget to leave a comment at the end of the post. Share your honest opinion about Capitalixor and ask specific questions if you can’t find an answer on our site.

The best thing to do is to open a free demo account (72.87% of retail CFD accounts lose money) to try Capitalix’s platforms first-hand and understand this review.


  • Our opinion on Capitalix
  • Pros and Cons
  • Importance of leverage in trading
  • Is Capitalix regulated and legal?
  • Countries where Capitalix is not available
  • Account Types
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Trading Fees
  • Markets
  • Mobile Platforms & Devices
  • Customer Service
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQ

Introductions: Why our editorial team decided to choose Capitalix for review:

Capitalix offers diverse trading options, including forex, cryptocurrencies, basic commodities, indices, and stocks.

The broker maintains a minimum deposit requirement of $250/250 EUR, offers leverage up to 1:200, and provides spreads starting from 0.5 pips. With support for trading in dollars and access to almost all currency pairs, Capitalix appeals to a broad spectrum of traders.

Regulated solely by the FSA, Capitalix upholds credibility and reliability in the industry. It’s an appealing option for both novice and experienced traders, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality. Key benefits include low spreads and English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese support. Broker trustworthiness and opportunities for self-education. However, it’s important to note that the broker’s range of tradable products may be slightly narrower.

Overall, Capitalix offers an excellent environment for many types of trading at the highest possible speed. This means that the trading infrastructure is inherently very efficient, has very low latency, and can offer various execution modalities. Capitalix will provide you with instant and market execution.

Demo accountYes, free of charge
Products to tradeForex, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Customer supportEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese.
FeesNo Commission fees, variable spreads, and swap, no deposit and withdrawal fees
Minimum Deposit$250/250 EUR

Pros and Cons


  • Free demo account
  • Multiple accounts to choose from
  • Possibility of self-education and teaching materials
  • Trading account in dollars
  • Professionalism and quality support in reading
  • Spreads maintain your competitiveness with other significant brokers
  • Availability of a wide variety of account types and trading platforms
  • Deposits and withdrawals are generally free

On the positive side, there are several elements to be noted. The broker caters very well to a wide variety of different types of trading and techniques. It supports, among them, scalpinghedging, using EAs, and more.

The flexible execution model that satisfies instant and market executions through the MT4 trading platform is ideal if you want to make trades as quickly as possible.

In addition, the cost of trading in terms of spreads is generally low, a,it still gives you good flexibility in deciding which one to choose. 

The first thing you need to know about CFD and forex trading at Capitalix is that it is a CFD broker. This means that all assets can be traded as CFDs. It owns more than 260 assets in total, including forex, futures, indices, stocks, metals, and energies.

On average, you’ll find competitive spreads that start low on some of the most traded assets:  EUR/USD, GBP/USD,  EUR/GBP, and Gold. It’s in line with most other brokers, if not better. It offers fixed spreads via MT4 on currency pair trading.


  • Smaller quantities of products#
  • No Metatrader 5
  • Deposit methods are limited to bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and select eWallet options, which may vary depending on your geographical location.


One of the difficulties you may have at Capitalix is is its training section which ias mostly targeting bewginning traders andoffers less for the proffesionals. Also, they do not have a metatrader 5 option.


Importance of leverage in trading

Leverage plays a crucial role in trading by amplifying potential returns and magnifying risks. It allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital, thus potentially increasing profits. However, using leverage wisely is important, as it can also lead to amplified losses if trades move against expectations.

Capitalix stands out as a good choice for trading due to its competitive leverage offerings. With leverage up to 1:200, traders can access greater market exposure while managing risk effectively. This enables them to capitalize on trading opportunities across various asset classes, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. Capitalix’s commitment to regulatory standards, user-friendly platforms, and comprehensive educational resources enhances the trading experience, making it a preferred option for novice and experienced traders seeking to maximize their trading potential.


Is Capitalix regulated and legal?

Like other brokerage platforms, Capitalix operates through a network of companies regulated by various regulatory bodies, enabling its global operations.

Capitalix has been on the radar for traders looking for a reliable platform to trade forex, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. But the real question is, can you trust them with your investment? Let’s break it down.

Firstly, Capitalix operates under the regulation of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, holding the license number SD014. I know what you’re thinking – “Seychelles? Really?” But hear me out. The FSA has been tightening its belt, ensuring that its regulatory framework is robust and on par with global standards. This means Capitalix has to play by the rules, maintaining transparency and fairness in their operations. If you’re curious, you can even check their regulatory status directly on the FSA’s official website.

Now, let’s talk about the safety of your funds. Capitalix takes this seriously by implementing high-level security measures to protect your personal and financial information. More importantly, they segregate client funds from their own company funds. This is a big deal because it means your money is safe, even if the company runs into financial trouble. Plus, they offer negative balance protection, which is like a safety net preventing you from losing more money than you have in your account. It’s a feature that can give traders peace of mind, especially in the volatile world of trading.

Transparency and clear communication about regulation and fund safety are signs of a trustworthy broker. Capitalix seems to understand this, making an effort to be upfront about their practices and how they protect their clients. It’s a refreshing approach in an industry where not every broker is willing to be so open.

In conclusion, while trading always comes with its risks, choosing a broker like Capitalix, which is regulated and takes the safety of your funds seriously, can mitigate some of those risks. They’ve got the regulatory backing and the safety measures in place to provide a secure trading environment. But remember, it’s always wise to do your own research and consider your trading needs before making a decision.

Countries where Capitalixis not available

Capitalix offers its services in most countries around the world. Nonetheless, the broker has some notable exceptions. Let’s take a look at them.

Capitalix Account Types

Our research team identified 4 main types of accounts on the Capitalix platform, ranging from beginner traders with little money to invest to professional investors with hundreds of thousands of dollars, yen, euros, or even pesos.

With these various options, the variety of platforms is immense, and you’ll always find one that suits your trading needs. Few brokers offer this range of platforms, so take your time to find the one that best suits your needs.

Capitalix Demo Account

Capitalix provides an 100K demo account for traders new to the market or wishing to refine their trading strategies before transitioning to an active account and risking real funds. In this virtual environment, losses and profits are simulated, offering a risk-free avenue to practice trading.

For beginners, the prospect of trading can be daunting initially. However, the Capitalix demo account offers an opportunity to ease into the process, familiarize oneself with the platform, and test different strategies without financial risk. This lets traders gain confidence in their investment decisions before committing to natural capital.

Setting up a Capitalix demo account on the broker’s website, where the MT4,  and proprietary platforms coexist, may initially seem complex and intimidating, especially for newcomers to trading. However, the platform offers a live chat feature where users can have their questions answered in real-time, providing immediate assistance and clarification. Additionally, support is available via phone or email for further inquiries or guidance.

It’s worth noting that not all forex brokers provide the same trading platforms. Some websites may facilitate connections with external platforms, but this approach can sometimes complicate trade management rather than streamline it.

Capitalix offers three primary account types: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Each caters to different levels of trading experience and investment capacity, but what really caught my attention was how these accounts are designed with the trader in mind.

Starting with the Silver account, the spreads are reasonable, making it an excellent entry point for newcomers to forex trading. The minimum deposit requirement is accessible, ensuring that you don’t have to commit a significant amount of capital right off the bat. As someone who remembers the daunting feeling of making those first trades, the welcoming nature of the Silver account would have been a game-changer for me in my early days.

The Gold account, on the other hand, offers tighter spreads, which is a significant advantage as you become more involved in trading. The reduced costs can genuinely make a difference in your trading outcomes, something I’ve come to appreciate over the years. The leverage options across accounts remain consistent, offering flexibility without overwhelming new traders.

Finally, the Platinum account is where Capitalix truly shines for seasoned traders. The spreads are the tightest among the three, which is crucial for making high-volume trades. This account has been instrumental in maximizing my trading strategies, especially when dealing with forex pairs and commodities.

What sets Capitalix apart isn’t just the account types but their approach to supporting traders. Their educational resources and customer support have been invaluable to me, providing insights and assistance whenever needed. The platform’s emphasis on security and regulatory compliance also gives me peace of mind, knowing my investments are in safe hands.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Capitalix offers a streamlined and user-friendly approach to managing your funds, ensuring that both deposits and withdrawals are hassle-free. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, Capitalix caters to traders by offering a variety of payment methods, clear on fees, and efficient processing times.

Depositing Funds:

Minimum Requirement: To start trading, Capitalix requires a minimum deposit of $250 or its equivalent in euros, making it accessible for a wide range of traders.
Payment Methods: Traders have the flexibility to use credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, and various e-wallets for deposits, accommodating different preferences and needs.
Deposit Fees: Capitalix is committed to transparency, ensuring no hidden fees on deposits. It’s advisable to consult with your payment provider regarding any external charges.
Processing Time: Most deposit methods offer instant crediting to your trading account, while bank transfers may vary depending on your bank’s processing schedule.

Withdrawing Funds:

Withdrawal Methods: For withdrawals, Capitalix allows the use of the same methods as deposits, facilitating a straightforward process.
Withdrawal Fees: There are no withdrawal fees charged by Capitalix, highlighting its commitment to a cost-effective trading experience. Always check for any third-party fees that might apply.
Processing Time: Withdrawal requests are typically processed by Capitalix within 24 to 48 hours. The time it takes for the funds to appear in your account will depend on the chosen withdrawal method.

Capitalix’s approach to financial transactions underscores its dedication to providing traders with a seamless and efficient trading experience. By offering a range of deposit and withdrawal options, minimal fees, and quick processing times, Capitalix ensures that traders can easily manage their funds.

Fees and commissions

Capitalix prides itself on offering a transparent and straightforward fee structure to its traders, ensuring that you’re fully informed about any charges that might affect your trading profitability. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of their fee system:

• Spreads: Capitalix offers competitive spreads across a wide range of trading instruments. These vary depending on the market conditions and the account type you hold, with the Platinum account offering the tightest spreads for the most active traders.
• Commissions: One of the appealing aspects of trading with Capitalix is the absence of commission fees on trades. This policy applies to most trades, allowing you to manage your investments more efficiently without worrying about extra costs eating into your profits.
• Inactivity Fees: To encourage active trading, Capitalix imposes an inactivity fee on accounts that have not executed any trades for an extended period. This fee is only applied after a specific duration of inactivity, which is clearly stated in the terms and conditions, ensuring you’re not caught off guard.
• Withdrawal Charges: Capitalix aims to keep withdrawal charges minimal, but it’s important to note that some payment methods may incur fees from the provider’s side. The platform does its best to process withdrawals swiftly, with most requests completed within a few business days.

Capitalix’s commitment to transparency means that all potential fees and charges are clearly outlined on their website. This approach allows you to make informed decisions about your trading strategy and manage your funds effectively, ensuring a better trading experience.

Range of Markets

Capitalix offers a diverse range of trading instruments, catering to the varied interests and strategies of traders. Here’s a closer look at what you can trade on Capitalix:

  • Forex Pairs: Capitalix provides traders with the opportunity to trade in a wide variety of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. This includes popular pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, allowing traders to take advantage of the liquidity and volatility in the forex market.
  • Commodities: For those interested in commodities trading, Capitalix offers access to a range of commodities, including precious metals like gold and silver, energy commodities such as crude oil and natural gas, and agricultural products like coffee and sugar. Commodities trading can be a good way to diversify your portfolio.
  • Indices: Capitalix also provides the option to trade on leading global indices, which is perfect for traders looking to gain exposure to specific economies or market sectors. This includes indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and others.
  • Stocks: Traders at Capitalix can engage in stock CFD trading, with access to shares from leading global companies. This allows traders to speculate on the price movements of individual companies without needing to own the underlying stocks.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Recognizing the growing interest in digital currencies, Capitalix offers trading on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency trading is known for its high volatility, which can present both opportunities and risks for traders.

Unique Offerings: One of the unique aspects of trading with Capitalix is their commitment to providing traders with access to a wide range of markets and instruments. This diversity enables traders to explore different sectors and asset classes, all from a single trading platform. Additionally, Capitalix’s platform includes advanced charting tools and real-time market data, which can help traders make informed decisions.

Risk Management

Capitalix provides traders with a suite of top-tier risk management tools, including:

1. Stop Losses: This tool enables traders to set predefined exit points to mitigate losses if the market moves unfavorably.

2. Take Profits: Take Profits allows traders to secure profits by automatically closing positions when a specified price target is reached.

3. Limit Orders: Limit Orders empower traders to enter the market at predefined price levels, ensuring execution at favorable rates.

4. Trailing Stop: The Trailing Stop feature empowers traders to safeguard their profits by automatically adjusting stop loss levels as the market moves favorably. This dynamic tool helps traders lock in gains while allowing for potential further upside.

5. Margin Calls: Margin Calls serve as alerts, notifying traders when their equity falls below a certain threshold, prompting them to take necessary action to manage risk.

Trading Hours

When it comes to trading hours, you will be able to trade between 5-7 days a week, depending on your chosen market:

  • Forex 24/5. Monday through Friday.
  • Crypto assets 24/7. From Monday to Sunday.
  • Commodities usually 23/6. From Sunday to Friday. Closed for one hour, from 22:00 to 23:00
  • The opening hours of the Indices and stock market depend on the country and the session: North American, European, or Asian.

Mobile Platforms & Devices

Capitalix offers a trio of platforms designed to cater to the needs of modern traders: the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4), their proprietary WebTrader, and a mobile application for trading on the go. Each platform is engineered with precision, focusing on enhancing the trading experience through a blend of functionality and accessibility.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4): MT4’s reputation precedes itself, being the choice of many professional traders for its robust analytical tools, advanced charting capabilities, and the ability to support automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors (EAs). Its user-friendly interface, combined with powerful technical analysis features, makes it a top pick for traders looking for depth and flexibility in their trading operations.

WebTrader: Capitalix’s WebTrader platform is a testament to their commitment to providing seamless trading experiences. It’s accessible directly from your web browser, eliminating the need for any downloads. This platform stands out for its intuitive design, making it easy for both novices and experienced traders to navigate. Features like real-time quotes, customizable indicators, and advanced charting make it a solid choice for those who prefer web-based trading.

Mobile Application: Recognizing the shift towards mobile trading, Capitalix has developed a mobile app that mirrors the functionality of its desktop counterparts. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app ensures traders can manage their portfolios, monitor the markets, and execute trades anytime, anywhere. With push notifications for market events and a user-friendly interface, it’s an excellent tool for traders who value mobility and convenience.

In summary, Capitalix’s suite of trading platforms is designed to meet the diverse needs of the trading community. Whether you’re drawn to the advanced capabilities of MT4, the accessibility of WebTrader, or the convenience of mobile trading, Capitalix provides a solid foundation for your trading activities.

Customer Service


Capitalix emphasizes the importance of accessible and responsive customer support for its traders. Recognizing that timely assistance can significantly impact trading success, Capitalix has developed multiple channels for traders to reach out for help:

Live Chat Functionality: Available directly on the Capitalix platform, the live chat feature offers immediate assistance from knowledgeable support staff, ensuring that your trading queries are resolved without delay.

Email Assistance: For queries that require detailed explanations or for traders who prefer written communication, Capitalix can be reached at [email protected]. The support team is dedicated to providing prompt and thorough responses.

Phone Support: Capitalix understands the value of human interaction and offers phone support through several international numbers, catering to traders worldwide:


  • Argentina: +541139857766
  • Chile: +56227120378
  • Guatemala: +50224581123
  • Mexico: +525599900281
  • Panama: +5078355542
  • Peru: +5154375826
  • India: +918327121011
  • Brazil: +551150265398
  • Japan: +815030923470
  • Germany: +41275087668
  • Seychelles: +2484632032
  • United Arab Emirates: +97142491118

Online Presence and Messaging: Engage with Capitalix on social media and through messaging apps for updates, support, and community interaction. The official Telegram channel, @capitalixbot, is a great resource for direct communication.

Comprehensive FAQ Page: Before reaching out, traders can explore the FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions, offering an immediate resource for information and support.

Conclusion capitalix review

Capitalix is preferred for traders due to its competitive leverage offerings, comprehensive asset selection, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks, exceptional customer support, commitment to regulatory standards, user-friendly platforms, and extensive educational resources. Capitalix provides traders the tools and support to navigate the financial markets effectively and maximize their trading potential.


What is Capitalix?

Capitalix is a dynamic online trading platform offering forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies trading with a focus on providing a secure, innovative, and user-friendly trading experience.

Where is Capitalix based?

Capitalix operates from Seychelles, adhering to the regulatory framework established by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Is Capitalix regulated?

Yes, Capitalix is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles, ensuring a trustworthy and transparent trading environment.

What types of accounts does Capitalix offer?

Capitalix offers several account types, including Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP, to cater to various trading needs and experience levels.

What is the minimum deposit required at Capitalix?

The minimum deposit to start trading with Capitalix is $250, making it accessible for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Does Capitalix offer educational resources?

Absolutely! Capitalix provides a wealth of educational materials, including webinars, e-books, and articles, to help traders at all levels improve their trading skills.

What trading platforms are available at Capitalix?

Traders at Capitalix can use the MetaTrader 4 platform, WebTrader, and a mobile trading app, all equipped with advanced trading tools and features.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies on Capitalix?

Yes, Capitalix offers trading on a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others.

Are there any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds?

Capitalix does not charge any fees for deposits. While withdrawals are also free of charge from our side, it's wise to check if your bank or payment provider applies any fees.

How long do withdrawals take at Capitalix?

Withdrawal requests are processed within 1 to 2 business days, ensuring you can access your funds promptly.

Is customer support available at Capitalix?

Yes, Capitalix provides 24/5 customer support through live chat, email, and phone to assist you with any queries.

How can I open an account with Capitalix?

Opening an account is simple. Just visit the Capitalix website, fill out the registration form, and follow the steps to complete your account setup.

Does Capitalix offer a demo account?

Yes, Capitalix offers a demo account loaded with virtual funds, allowing you to practice trading strategies risk-free.

What leverage does Capitalix offer?

Capitalix offers leverage up to 1:200 for forex trading, with variations depending on the account type and instrument.

Are my funds safe with Capitalix?

Absolutely. Capitalix employs strict security measures, including segregated accounts, to ensure the safety of your funds.

Can I trade on mobile with Capitalix?

Yes, Capitalix's mobile trading app allows you to trade on the go, providing access to all the major features of the desktop platform.

What instruments can I trade with Capitalix?

Capitalix offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Does Capitalix offer any bonuses or promotions?

While Capitalix occasionally offers bonuses and promotions, we encourage traders to check our website for the latest offers and read the terms and conditions carefully.

How does Capitalix protect my personal information?

Capitalix uses SSL encryption and adheres to strict data protection policies to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Can I lose more money than I deposit?

No, Capitalix offers negative balance protection, ensuring you can never lose more than your account balance.

What are the spreads at Capitalix?

Spreads at Capitalix are competitive and vary by account type and market conditions. Detailed information is available on our website.

How can I learn to trade with Capitalix?

Capitalix offers comprehensive educational resources, including webinars, articles, and e-books, catering to both beginners and experienced traders.

What makes Capitalix stand out among other brokers?

Capitalix's commitment to security, customer support, and providing a user-friendly trading experience sets it apart in the forex trading industry.

Can I trade with Capitalix from any country?

Capitalix serves traders from various countries. However, due to regulatory restrictions, our services might not be available in certain jurisdictions.

How can I contact Capitalix for more information?

For more information, you can contact our customer support via live chat, email at [email protected], or by calling our direct support numbers available on our website.


Risk Disclosure:
Trading with Capitalix involves significant risk and might not be suitable for everyone. You could lose more than your initial deposit, so don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. Market prices can change quickly, and using leverage increases both potential gains and losses. Make sure you understand the risks, consider your investment goals and experience level, and seek advice if needed. Capitalix offers resources to help, but the final decision on trades is yours. Remember, past success doesn’t guarantee future results.

Author :

Johnathan EdwardsJohnathan Edwards, based in London, UK, is a distinguished financial analyst and forex trading specialist with a rich background spanning over 15 years in the financial sector. With a Master’s degree in Finance from the Kingston University, he has carved out a niche as a currency strategist for top-tier banks and trading firms globally. Johnathan is a prolific contributor to financial magazines and online trading communities, offering expert analysis on forex market dynamics, trading strategies, and comprehensive broker reviews. His expertise is not just limited to analysis; he is deeply committed to educating traders, guiding them through the complexities of the forex market with clarity and authority. Johnathan’s insights are sought after for their thoroughness, precision, and his dedication to empowering traders with knowledge to navigate the forex market confidently.

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Buycryptomarkets Review

buycryptomarkets is a global forex and CFD broker with trading platforms that is suitable and fully functional for all devices.

This is a good option for all levels of traders, although the product portfolio is average, and there is an inactivity fee to be aware of.

Initially formulated in 2023 to provide a robust forex trading platform, buycryptomarkets offers to include CFDs, indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

buycryptomarkets has several trading tools and features designed to make your trading experience as smooth as possible. The trading platform has been heralded as a simple and convenient platform without losing the functionality you would find at MetaTrader 4. Some education is also available through the trading platform, and highly responsive customer service is available 24 hours a day.

Please read my full buycryptomarkets review for further details of this forex broker so you can decide whether buycryptomarkets can meet your needs.

Who is buycryptomarkets?

buycryptomarkets is a global forex, spread betting, and CFD online broker. buycryptomarkets is an online Crypto and Forex Broker providing traders across the globe with cutting-edge technology to trade the world’s markets. In a continuous effort to give their traders a more comfortable and safe trading experience, their experts have been improving their service and solutions ensuring traders have the freedom to trade whenever and wherever they like.


buycryptomarkets product range overview

The product range at buycryptomarkets is average compared to other brokers. They offer a solid selection of currency pairs and CFDs, no futures CFDs, and an average number of commodity and stock index CFDs. additionally, they do offer leverage trading on the main cryptocurrencies.

Forex trading

More than 50 Forex pairs are available at buycryptomarkets with no commission and some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

Indices and Financial Trading

Indices and financial CFDs have flexible margin requirements and low spreads, representing some of the industry’s best spreads. There are no overnight or hidden fees of any description to worry about.

Commodities Trading

At buycryptomarkets, there are several commodity CFDs, including metals and energies.

Share CFDs Trading

Trade more than 100 company shares without ever owning the underlying security. At buycryptomarkets, you can access global stock exchanges with the option to go long and short and benefit from leverage. For non-leverage trading, there is zero commission.


Buycryptomarkets Accounts

There are a few trading account options at buycryptomarkets.  there is not a lot of info concerning this till you are actually in the registration process.

the only thing you should know is that the minimum deposit for opening an account is only $250.

Variety of Trading Accounts

No matter your trading exposure, you deserve an opportunity to trade in CFDs. With access to multiple trading account types, you can choose the right account for yourself and start performing trades in multiple CFDs.

The more experience you gain in the online trading market, the higher trading account you can adopt to trade in more challenging environments. If you are a beginner, start by making a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with a basic account.

Buycryptomarkets  web trading platform

The web platform allows you to place trades directly from your web browser in an easy-to-use interface that is customisable and available in several languages. The web trading platform falls short because of its lack of social trading; however, it is well-designed with several useful features.

There is a two-step login for additional security, and you can search for an asset using its name or by category. Order types include:

I was impressed with both the portfolio and fee reports which were comprehensive and easy to use, with clear information on commission, swap fees, and performance.

There are also the following useful features available on the trading platform:

Trailing stop

Trailing the position of a current price can then trigger a stop order as the price reaches a predetermined distance from a stop order. It works similarly to a stop order but in a more controlled way that aligns with movements in the market.

Market Sentiment

This allows you to closely monitor movements in the market using data from other traders concerning a specific instrument.


This allows you to mitigate risks by investing in the same product in a different direction.


Real-time charts provide up-to-the-moment information, including historical trends, forecasts, and current trends.

Buycryptomarkets mobile trading platform

The mobile trading platform is in keeping with the web trading platform, with much of the same functionality. 

The actual design is well laid out and easy to use with customizability. I found the mobile app fast with personalised watch lists and the ability to open positions directly from real-time charts.

There are price alerts that include statistical alerts, which can be monthly or yearly for currency pairs, indices, etc. Clicking on the alert will automatically open the app on the instrument.


buycryptomarkets customer service review

Customer service is excellent at buycryptomarkets, with immediate response times across multiple channels.

There are several channels for contacting customer support, including phone and email. When I tested their service, my query was dealt with immediately without even the intervention of a chatbot. The service provided via email and phone was similar, with fast, relevant responses to my queries. Customer service is provided 24/5, which is above average.

buycryptomarkets is opening an account.

The account opening process is straightforward, fully digital and quick. You will need your ID.

To open your account, you should first decide on the account type you wish to open

Then you can follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Select your country of residence
  • Add personal information, including name and email address
  • Choose a password
  • Enter your home address and tax residency
  • Complete some simple questions relating to your trading experience
  • Fill in information about your personal finances, such as income savings and employment status
  • Select your base currency
  • Upload your ID documentation and proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

buycryptomarkets Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals and essentially free, and the minimum deposit is high compared to what you would find at other brokers.

Before making your first deposit, you will need to choose between the following base currencies:


Deposit options include:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit and debit card
  3. Cryptocurrency

The minimum deposit is $5000, which is higher than other brokers. There are no fees should you choose to deposit via bank transfer from your bank account.

Bank transfers take several business days.

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods accepted for deposits, and there are no withdrawal fees for electronic wallets and credit/debit cards. 

buycryptomarkets safety

buycryptomarkets is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but is performing full due diligence to comply with AML regulations.

In addition, all client funds are held in segregated bank accounts to protect those funds should buycryptomarkets go bust.

The buycryptomarkets negative balance protection protects client funds should their balance go negative.

buycryptomarkets fees

buycryptomarkets has low CFD and forex fees and average non-trading fees.

Fees can be separated into two main categories for a CFD and forex broker: trading and non-trading fees.

Trading fees

The trading fees will vary depending on the financial instruments you are trading within each asset class. Trading fees can be charged as a spread, a commission, or a financing rate.

Spreads differ between the bid and ask price for a foreign currency price. Here’s how buycryptomarkets spreads compare against some other forex brokers:

Non-trading fees

buycryptomarkets has low non-trading fees as they do not charge deposit and withdrawal fees, and there is no account fee.

Inactivity fees are charged. There are inactivity fees to be aware of. However, these will only kick in once your account has been inactive for several months and you have a positive balance.

Who is buycryptomarkets suitable for?

buycryptomarkets is suitable for all levels of traders looking for a solid trading platform and very competitive spreads.

The selection of account types is aimed at both retail and professional investors.

Forex Risk Disclaimer

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. Concerning margin-based foreign exchange trading, off-exchange derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, there is considerable exposure to risk, including but not limited to leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection, and market volatility that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency or related instrument. It should not be assumed that these products’ methods, techniques, or indicators will be profitable or will not result in losses.


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Equaledge Review – Demo Account – top 100 Broker ?

equaledge home page

equaledge Review

equaledge is a unregulated broker based in Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They offer a fantastic selection of over 400+ trading instruments with very competitive trading conditions including reasonable spreads and minimal trading fees. You can get straightforward access to the markets via user-friendly platforms with a relatively high minimum deposit fee of $5000. Alternatively, they do provide free demo accounts if you want to practice your trading skills before making a financial commitment. You will find plenty of tools for assisting with your market analysis so you can pinpoint trading opportunities and make informed decisions.

I like how they are an experienced broker with a dedicated premium relationship management team to help guide you along the way. If you are a trader and want to trade in a professional environment across all of your devices, I think they are certainly worth consideration.

equaledge Trading platforms

equaledge Trading platforms

Pros & Cons


  • Large choice of more than 400 trading instruments
  • Trade on 40+ forex pairs with spreads from 0.8 pips
  • Invest in the world’s largest indices and more
  • Explore European and US shares CFDs
  • Cutting edge platforms suitable for all types of traders
  • Choose from and trade a wide range of both soft and hard commodities
  • Good variety of quick and easy payment options
  • Free demo accounts available to practice trading
  • Excellent customer support


  • Clients from a few countries are not accepted
  • No daily market analysis to inspire trade ideas
  • Market maker broker means they don’t have the lowest spreads
  • Only provide support during office hours
  • Inactivity fees apply
  • Not regulated


equaledge is a online brokerage where you can open an account to trade shares, indices, forex, commodities and more. Equaledge was launched in 2023 as to satisfy demand for a fast, professional and easy-to-use online spreads trading platform. With a quick registration process and friendly website, equaledge soon will become a prominent player in the financial trading sector., a powerful, advanced trading platform with a fresh new feel.

The broker offers a very impressive selection of more than 400 financial instruments for online trading via its cutting edge trading platforms. I found the spreads to be very good and trades executed swiftly. On its proprietary platform, there are plenty of powerful trading tools available to you for analysing the markets and to manage your trade positions.


Client funds are kept in segregated bank accounts held with the top-rated banks. This helps to ensure that they are not used for any other purposes such as business running costs.

‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) verification is carried out on every client. This procedure entails uploading a ‘government issued id card’ and ‘a utility bill’. This is a regulatory requirement and it is important in order to identify every client to ensure that illegal acts like money laundering, financing terrorism, etc, are not carried out on the pretext of forex or CFD trading.


equaledge does not accept clients who are residents of the United States, Belgium, NKorea, Singapore or any particular country where its services will be contrary to the local law or regulations. Trading Platforms

You can enjoy a seamless trading experience wherever you are with a powerful and advanced trading platform from equaledge. You can get the full functionality with all the bells and whistles using the desktop platform or download the equaledge mobile platform and trade market moves as they happen from the palm of your hands. I personally find the desktop platform ideal for when I need to conduct detailed chart analysis but like the convenience of the trading app for keeping track of my account and the latest market news whenever I feel like it. Either way, I think the platforms are very user-friendly and provide everything you need for trading online without any hassle.

equaledge Platform

This is the proprietary trading platform from equaledge. This intutive platform is web based which makes it convenient as it requires no downloads or installations. It is also versatile because it runs across all operating systems and comes with useful market analysis and trading tools. You can analyse markets using a multitude of indicators and drawing tools across various chart types. I like how you are able to create your own watchlists and set price alerts to keep track of the markets you follow and trade. It is flexible as you are able to customise and save up to 10 unique workspaces with the chart views and time frames that you need, when you need them. The intuitive trade tickets make it simple to set up and understand your Stop and Limit levels for neccesary risk management.

cryptocurrencies trading

cryptocurrencies trading


The equaledge platforms come fully loaded with more tools than most of you will ever need. The abundance of built-in indicators and other useful tools, it is nice to see that equaledge have a few more to improve your trading possibilities.


There is a great selection of more than 400 trading instruments for you to choose from. I think there should be enough to build a diverse portfolio for anyone, regardless of your interests.

Forex Trading

Trade forex with 45+ majors, minors, and exotics with spreads as low as 0.6 pips. FX is traded in pairs, where one will rise (or fall) in value against the other.

Indices Trading

Invest in the world’s largest indices. An index measures the performance of a group of companies, typically weighted by market capitalization.

Shares Trading

Explore 10s of European and US shares CFDs. Shares CFDs give traders a way to speculate on the value of publicly listed companies without needing to physically own stocks.

Commodities Trading

Choose from and trade a wide range of both soft and hard commodities ranging from traditional markets like gold and oil, to wheat, cotton, and even orange juice.


I found the broker to provide transparent and fair spreads across all markets. They only offer five account types which are based on investment amount. You can choose between the different account buy simply  investing a different amount. Inactivity fees are charged from accounts that have been dormant for 6 months and above. The fee is charged monthly until the account is depleted or the client begins trading again. They don’t provide spreads from 0.0 pips so might not be ideal for those of you who are planning to use scalping systems.

MINIMUM DEPOSIT$5,000$10,000$25,000$100,000$250,000+
ORDER EXECUTIONInstantInstantInstantInstantInstant
ACCOUNT MANAGERyesyesyesyesyes
SPREAD, PIPSFixedFixedFixed & Floating, VariableFixed & Floating, VariableFixed & Floating, Variable
5 marks5 marks5 marks5 marks5 marks
MAX. TRADE SIZE10 lots20 lots40 lots50 lots100 lots
MARGIN CALL LEVEL40%40%40%40%40%
STOP OUT LEVEL30%30%30%30%30%
TRADING PLATFORMall devicesall devicesall devicesall devicesall devices
CUSTOMER SUPPORT24/5 support24/5 support24/5 support24/5 support24/7 support


The equaledge customer service team works during office hours CET time from 8:30 am to 9:00 Mondays to Fridays. The team can be reached on various phone numbers and emails. . I think they could improve by adding live chat support as I often find this to be the quickest way to speak with someone.

But they offer to chat direct to their support through WhatsApp +447835182154

Alternatively, you can explore the most frequently asked questions on everything from setting up your account, to getting more out of the platforms and tools, or send them an email through [email protected]


This is an aspect of the broker I was also impressed by. I like how they have a good variety of quick and easy account funding options for you to choose from. This includes digital wallets which I find to be the most convenient for moving funds around between my trading account.  Withdrawal requests received before 2pm are attempted to be processed on the same working day. Just keep in mind that they do not accept third party deposits. All deposits must emanate from the same name on the trading account.

Bank Transfer

Take 3-7 days for the funds to reach equaledge bank accounts.

Credit/Debit Cards

Deposits made by cards are processed instantly. But, card withdrawals can take up to 7 days depending on the location of the client and the card processors.

Online Payments

Deposits are processed instantly while withdrawals take up to 24 hours.


Payment is processed within 2 hours.



equaledge is a online broker that offers Hundreds of tradable assets to its clients via its flexible and sophisticated trading platform. The Brand abide by the regulatory rules which include account segregation, digital security, client verification without actually being regulated.

The wide array of tradable assets on the broker’s platforms is impressive at over 400. It is an outstanding platform replete with essential trader tools for conducting comprehensive market analysis. Their trading platform very popular and widely accepted by professional traders across the globe. You can seamlessly access your account and trade between all of your devices.

However, in the area of market news and analysis, I think the broker is lacking behind when compared to other top-rated brokers. There is limited expert analysis, daily insights and trading ideas. Trading accounts are limited with no mini/micro accounts for testing the real trading conditions but free demo accounts are available. I didn’t find the spreads to be the lowest but it is worth considering there is no commission fee on trades. There is also an inactivity fee to be aware of and funding without any fees is limited.

Overall, I think they can be a good choice of broker for anyone who is looking for easy market access  with decent trading conditions and excellent customer support.


Forex Risk Disclaimer

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. Concerning margin-based foreign exchange trading, off-exchange derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, there is considerable exposure to risk, including but not limited to leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection, and market volatility that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency or related instrument. It should not be assumed that these products’ methods, techniques, or indicators will be profitable or will not result in losses.

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Exallt Review – Demo Account – top 75 Broker ?

exallt review

Introduction to Exallt Review 

Let us start from the beginning. People should remember that Exallt offers many investment tools in the capital markets. Creating a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and more is possible.

It is a new brokerage that has just opened its door. That said, Exallt Live can offer exemplary services and products.

To get more details, proceed with Exallt review. The next sections will provide a detailed professional analysis of the broker and its offerings.

Broker Name:Exallt
Broker Type:CFD broker
Operating since year:2023
Regulation:Only KYC/AML
Broker status:Independent Broker
Customer Service
Phone:+44 2086382873
Email:[email protected]
Languages:English, Spanish
Availability:phone, email, Social Media
Trading platforms: Desktop, Mobile and Webtrader
The Trading platform Time zone:
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading:yes
Web-based trading:yes
Other trading instruments:Forex, CFD, crypto, commodities, indices, stocks
Minimum deposit ($):$5000
Maximal leverage:1:400


Exallt Trading Products and Interesting Details


Explore top commodities, trade what you want, when you want.

Explore trending commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and others, use innovative tools and make informed trading decisions at Exallt. Benefit from advanced charting and analysis as well as ultra-fast transaction processing. Exallt delivers a trading environment that helps investors to grow.

Interestingly, it is possible to trade different types of commodities. For example, oil and natural gas. Moreover, precious metals such as gold and silver.


Forex trading is made simple by Exallt.

Forex is the most traded market in the world. It is a decentralised global market for the trading of currencies. The most popular FX pairs involve major international currencies and experience the highest trading volumes and liquidity. This market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency.


Expand your trading opportunities. Trade the most popular indices at Exallt!

Indices are another in-demand trading asset. An index measures the performance of a group of stocks, bonds, or other assets. By trading indices, you can gain exposure to a wide range of assets without buying them individually. Most index trading is done with financial derivatives like CFDs. This makes it an ideal way to diversify your portfolio and manage risk.


Trade stocks at Exallt.

Exallt is about making stock trading easier. Get real-time access to stocks from top exchanges of the world. Diversify your portfolio with a large variety of leading global stocks. Stock trading ensures two ways of earnings: through capital appreciation or dividend payments. This market features the potential for the highest returns.


Exalt – the easiest and the most secure way to trade cryptocurrencies.

If you can time the market right, trading cryptocurrencies gives you much higher returns than traditional investments. It minimizes risk as you speculate on the rise and fall of the market without owning the asset. Being decentralised, cryptocurrencies allow for more freedom in trading, as there are no restrictions on how much can be traded or how often.

range of markets

range of markets

Exallt and its Trading Platform

It is hard not to mention its platform. Hopefully, it is quite easy to use the platform. 

As a reminder, trading is simple. The first step is to select an asset. All users have to do is click on the “asset” tab on the platform. They need to choose a preferred asset from the extensive tradable asset selection offered by the firm.

The next step is deciding on the amount a trader wants to invest in any trade. Unsurprisingly, the higher the investment, the higher the potential rewards.

Moreover, deciding whether to go short or long on their preferred asset is important. Advanced charts, graphical trading tools, technical indicators, and live analysis help to make an informed decision on probable future price movements.

It is important to remember about risk factors. When a trade position opens, customers should protect their positions from market risks. Customers should use Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Thanks to Stop Loss orders, it is possible to reduce potential losses. Moreover, Take Profit orders allows users to lock in their profits.

Users should remember that Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will automatically close their positions when triggered.

Exallt trading platform for all devices

Exallt trading platform for all devices

Exallt and Education

Hopefully, Exallt Live offers interesting information. It is desirable to read every chapter of the guide. Moreover, people will find this guide brimming with information for their financial education. Furthermore, Exallt ’s goal is to educate investors and bring transparent investing to anyone who wants it, not just the elite.

Security Of Funds


Exallt continually detects, assesses, monitors, and controls each risk associated with platform users’ trading transactions, operations, and actions. This means that they continuously evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of the policies, approaches, and procedures. Such a system approach allows Exallt to cover its financial needs and capital requirements quickly.


Exallt is incredibly proud of ensuring the ultimate protection of clients’ funds. They apply a model that keeps our clients’ funds separate from the company funds. In the unlikely event that Exallt would ever enter liquidation, the clients’ funds are wholly segregated off the balance sheet and cannot be used to cover the company’s debts and pay back creditors.


Exallt attentively chooses the financial services to partner with. Exalt needs additional facilities to support and conduct transactions. They partnered with payment service providers to work with numerous banks worldwide, including central tier-one banks such as Barclays, HSBC & Deutsche Bank. Rest assured, the security of Clients’ funds, alongside Execution and Customer support, forms the essential focus of Exallt’s activity.

Exallt Review: Conclusion

As can be seen from the review of Exallt , it makes sense to cooperate with this firm. . Moreover, its website provides many interesting details, and it is desirable to have a look through their website to see how well Exallt suits you.

We strongly hope that this Exallt review will give you accurate information about the broker enabling you to make the right decision of choosing this broker.

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Trading 212 review

Trading 212 Trading 212 deals View Similar Amazon US Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to democratize trading by making it accessible to the masses. Founded in 2006, Trading 212 allows users to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks, etc.

Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to democratize trading by making it accessible to the masses. Founded in 2006, Trading 212 allows users to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks, etc.

Trading 212 got the license to operate in the UK in 2013 and is approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of England and Wales). It has a freemium model offering the basic services without any charge hoping that the users opt for other paid services or transact on the CFD area of the platform.

As a user, you can use their web-based trading suite or download the application on your computer. There is even a mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones, in case you want to transact on the go.

What to expect

Trading 212 offers an easy DIY platform and allows over 1,800 instruments to trade, offering enough options to traders to decide where and how they want to invest their money. These instruments include major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Monero, EOS, Dash, Neo and more. Traditional assets like stocks, commodities and indices can also be traded on the platform. The diverse list of assets and choices available to trade on the platform should be attractive to many users.

Trading 212 2

(Image credit: Trading 212)

For first-timers, Trading 212 offers a demo account which lets you try out the platform and perform test transactions without registration. This demo account gives you a real-time experience of how the platform works on your computer and mobile applications. In case you decide to sign up, you do need to provide some official documents to verify your identity and address. These documents include:

  • ID Proof: a scanned color copy of passport, driving license or national ID
  • Address Proof: a utility bill or bank statement from the past three months carrying your address

These are simply standard requirements as part of anti-money laundering legislation.

Trading 212 3

(Image credit: Trading 212)

There is a set of questions which you need to answer for the company to understand your experience level as a trader. Trading 212 might reject your application on sign up, if the firm feels that it might be too risky for you to transact on such a platform. The entire signup process may take a good 10-15 minutes, so keep that much time handy.

Trading 212 offers you three different types of account: Trading 212 Invest, Trading 212 CFD and Trading 212 ISA.

Trading 212 Invest is best suited for traders who like to invest and trade in equities. However, the platform does not allow short-selling of equities, so in case you’re only interested in this type of trading then Trading 212 is not the right platform for you. Trading 212 ISA is only for UK-based traders who want to benefit from tax-free trading up to a certain amount, while Trading 212 CFD is open for all international traders.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal options, Trading 212 offers multiple choices like bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, Skrill, PayPal, Dotpay, Giropay, and Direct eBanking. Note that it only accepts payments in currencies like GBP, EUR and USD.

Trading 212 4

(Image credit: Trading 212)

The web platform is very easy to use and it offers an organized layout. On the extreme left, you have the instruments you follow by adding them to your watch-list. All your pending orders or previous purchases show right next to the watch-list. In case you want to modify your transaction after looking at the live trends, this can be done here as well.

The center part of the screen displays a detailed graph of any instrument that you want to follow. Useful tips and videos can be found on the bar on the right side. Various reports can be found grouped right under the login section.

Mobile app

The Trading 212 mobile application is also fairly easy to use and shows information in an easy to understand graphical format. Simple swipe gestures help you switch between different sections and instruments. You can set price alerts, access forum, reports, or training videos right from the menu. There is a demo account available for the mobile app too that allows you to transact in all the instruments.


Trading 212 is one of the few platforms that does not charge you for transactions and is transparent about the costs applicable with paid-for services. While withdrawing funds, there is a fee applicable on the wire transfers. Third-party transfer fees may also be levied, if applicable. The platform wants you to remain active and charges you for inactivity, if inactive for over 180 days consecutively.


Customer support is one of the most important features of any trading platform. Support is available by calling in, email or even through the contact page on the site. The website also has a live chat option in case you want to chat with a representative.

Trading 212 offers support in a wide range of languages including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese.

Regulations and credibility

Trading 212 is a trusted broker registered in England and Wales, and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is also registered in Bulgaria and is regulated by the local Financial Supervision Commission.

The company keeps the clients’ funds separate from the company funds and are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which offers a security of up to £85,000. In Bulgaria, 90% of deposits with a limit of €20,000 are secured by the Investors Compensation Fund or ICF Bulgaria.

Trading 212 allows users from across the globe to sign up, though regulations prohibit sign up from regions like American Samoa, Belgium, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Guam, Northern Cyprus, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Turkey, United States of America, and United States Virgin Islands.

Final verdict

Trading 212 is a very user-friendly trading platform, especially for beginners. The fact that you can try out the platform both on mobile and web before taking the plunge is a big advantage. Limitations like no short-selling may be a turn off for traders. However, the fact that Trading 212 offers over 1,800 assets and is very transparent about charges makes it one of the easiest recommendations for us.

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Broker Reviews Demo Account Review | Must Read | Demo Account review 2018

Demo Account is officially called a practice account, and it is a great asset for traders of all skill levels.

With a demo account, you can trade with virtual money on all markets in order to practice trading and develop strategies.

The demo account comes with all the features of the regular trading account, including 24/7 support and mobile trading.

Practice account holders also enjoy the benefits of educational videos and daily market analysis.

Open real account with for trading in cryptocurrencies Regulation

The online trading platform is offering trading of stocks, Forex, indices, bonds, indices, commodities, ETF’s, and Cryptocurrencies. is managed by a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) called Leadcapital Markets Ltd. Their operations are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the CIF license number 227/14. is a trade name operated by Leadcapital Markets Ltd, which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, license number 227/14. Office Address: Strovolos, 128 – 130 Limassol Avenue, Office 301, 3rd floor, CY 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus. follows very strict guidelines with regards to clients’ funds, ensuring they are kept in reputable Tier 1 banks and at all times segregated fromthe company’s own funds.

Additionally, offers a Compensation Fund that will protect investments, and a high standard of account management service to explain all issues pertaining to trading and risks.

Crypto currency Trading conditions

  • Trade Bitcoin after depositing only $100
  • Get up to 1:2 leverage*
  • Tight spreads, no commission
  • Trade long (buy) and short (sell) on the asset
  • High volatility on cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrencies on including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash
  • Trade on Web, tablet and mobile app


InstrumentSpreads in Pips (as low as)Leverage (up to)Trading hours
BCHUSD50.00 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
Bitcoin120.00 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
Dash20.00 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
ETHCLASSIC1.0000 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
Ethereum12.00 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
Litecoin8.00 (USD)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00
LITECOINEUR5.00 (EUR)1:02Sunday 21:00 – Saturday 21:00


See Promotional Movie Spreads and Leverage is offering  static variable spread and Leverage.

The spreads will first of all depend on the instruments you look to trade. They are not cheaper or more expensive then the rest of the brokers out there so there is not a lot to mention about this.

the leverage on the other hand does vary a bit more. A major pair leverage startsat 1:294 as most brokers thou many offer 1:400 but if you take a more exotic pair then you get for example to 1:25.

Their website shows the  Spreads in Pips (as low as) & Leverage (up to) for every pair. Trading Platform is offering the Metatrader 4, downloadable, platform protocols.

This does not mean that you are dnot able to trade online as they also have a platform for this, the webtrader and the sirix trading platform also employs the latest in 128-bit technology to encrypt all trading activity data and any personal information submitted to the company for identity verification and keep your personal details save.

They offer a live market update and analysis for trader to use. This will help traders that trade on the news get to better decisions in a shorter time span and take better advantage of the markets volatility. Metatrader 4 platform Main Features

  • Desktop and Mobile platform
  • Comprehensive and extensive Charting Package
  • Supports automated trading through expert advisors (EA’s)
  • Supports multiple order types
  • 300 different types of assets
  • Wide range of technical indicators Webtrader

The Webtrader  of is a flexible trading platform that is easily accessible through any browser. The Platform is developed with the traders in mind and is very intuitive, will take you only a few minutes to figure out how it is working .

you are able to trade here over 2000 different assets with real-time pricing, advanced charting and a wide range of technical indicators you can use.

Mobile Trading

Apart from the desktop versions of the trading platforms, the MT4 platform and the Web Trader are also fully supported on iOS and Android powered devices. The apps can easily be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store . Trade Types/Instruments

In terms of trading assets, offers 7 different asset classes, Crytocurrencies, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Equities, ETF and Market Indices.

CryptocurrenciesBondsCommoditiesForexEquitiesETFsMarket Indices
1:2 leverageLeverage 1:100Leverage up to 1:152 Leverage 1:300Leverage 1:10Leverage 1:100Leverage 1:200
no commissionCommission FreeHard and Soft CommoditiesOver 55 pairsCommission FreeOver 30 ETFs26 International Indices
4 different CryptosAvailable in Yen, Euros, Pounds and U.S dollars including precious metalsSelection of more than 2000 stocksNo Commission Account Types & Demo Account

4 main types of trading accounts are available at


Basic ClassicGoldPlatinum
Minimum Deposit $100Minimum Deposit $1000Minimum Deposit $5000Minimum Deposit $25,000
 Daily Market Analysis Daily Market AnalysisDaily Market AnalysisDaily Market Analysis
 Video Tutorials Video TutorialsVideo TutorialsVideo Tutorials
 Webinars & SeminarsWebinars & SeminarsWebinars & Seminars
Account ManagerAccount ManagerAccount Manager
Trading CentralTrading Central
Premium AnalysisPremium Analysis
Premium Support


Deposits and Withdrawals

Like with Most brokers most people will deposit with wiretransfer or credit card but they doi support some local options Skrill, Neteller, and Safeguard.

The Traders deposits are also safe due to segregation from operating capital in Top-Tier bank accounts. The Cyprus Investor Compensation Program provides further protection of up to 20,000 Euros –

keep in mind that this is not always the case for when you are trading Cryptocurrencies as they as yet not fall under this mandate. make sure to ask them about this !!

Customer Support offers direct toll-free phone lines in 30 countries as well as making the website readable in 19 different languages.and you are able to contact the support team through email, live chat or the telephone.


If you look to trade and you want first to check out the broker as you should then the Demo Account gives you everything to just do that.

This is a mature and save broker that engages the market head on and provides the right services to the right trader. Demo Account Registration

Their Latest News through Twitter

[fts_twitter twitter_name=TradeComEN tweets_count=6 cover_photo=no stats_bar=no show_retweets=no show_replies=no]

HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Leveraged trading in foreign currency contracts, contracts for difference or other off-exchange products carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone.

Before trading, you are strongly advised to read and ensure that you understand the relevant risk disclosures and warnings here:

Risk Disclosure Statement. There is a substantial risk that you may lose all of your initial investment.

. Refer to the Regulation section here. Demo Account Review | 2018 Must Read |


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Broker Reviews

XTB Demo Account Review | Must Read | – Best Forex Demo

XTB Best forex demo

XTB Demo Account Review

XTB is a well-trusted multi-asset broker and is regulated by several major regulatory entities, XTB provides a well-rounded, competitive trading experience., customer service and xStation 5 are the broker’s two standout highlights.XTB forex broker demo

XTB Licenses: XTB Limited

– authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 522157

XTB Limited – authorized by KNF (Poland)


X-Trade Brokers – XTB Review

  • Leverage: 1:30
  • Regulation: FCA
  • Min. Deposit: 250 US$
  • HQ: UK
  • Platforms: MT4, xStation 5
  • Found in: 2002

What and who is XTB?

XTB is a trusted UK and European industry-leading brokerage offering online trade alternatives, through its head office in Poland and London (UK). XTB broker was actually the first firm which introduced forex trading in Poland and now started to be 4th listed greatest stock exchange company.

XTB being European established brokerage accordingly follows and holds necessary registrations and regulations. The UK registered XTB company is regulated by the biggest supervision authority the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is also regulated by KNF, and CMB.

Considering a strong reputation and sharpest guidelines of the regulation, XTB offers a secure trading environment.

What can you trade with XTB?

the XTB brokerage and trading service offering includes a wide selection of a large range of global markets with over 1500 different financial assets, including Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Indices, Commodities,  Equity CFD, ETFs.

the Crypto trading includes trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple or Litecoin by CFDs on 24/7 basis, with no requirement to hold a crypto-wallet. The leverage they offer for trading these instruments is till 1:5 and also the swaps are quite cheap – long 0.08% a day, short 0.04% a day and spread calculated only by 1% from target.

Their comprehensive educational program develops skills and knowledge for trading in general and goes deeper into the materials when you are ready, altogether is a good academy.

The academy holds video tutorials and guides, online webinars and live market analysis, community of minded traders – XTB’s Trading Club, one-to-one mentoring and development managers.


XTB Trading Platforms

XTBXTB offering two main platforms that client is able to choose from,

 XTB uses xStation5, which been recognized as an efficient choice and gained multiple awards for total trade transparency, real-time commentary, execution speeds and very comprehensive charting package.

The platform is fully customizable and very fast, including useful tools like calculators, advanced charts, trader statistics, bulk order closing, traders talk and progressive technical analysis. All settings, watch lists and workspaces are accessible from desktop, smartphone, laptop, tablet and even smartwatch.

XTB platform includes also a useful Market sentiment and displays the current situation of selling or buying trend of each market, as well as Top mover showing which markets gaining or losing. Another addition equity screener that filters stocks and searching for new opportunities.

XTB MT4 platform, however, XTB enhanced features by fast, reliable trade execution, multi-asset coverage, No dealing desk execution, no requotes and all supported by Expert Advisors.

XTB Leverage

Being a European based broker, the XTB does not offer high leverage ratios recently due to the updates from the EU regulation ESMA. The traders may use a maximum of 1:30 level towards Forex instruments, 1:5 towards Stocks and even lower to some additional assets. Nevertheless, these restrictions are definitely done to protect trading orders and accounts themselves, as the higher leverage ratios may impose a significant risk for any trader towards money loss. Thus, 1:30 is still a good level to maintain potentially successful trading, yet with lower risks involved.

XTB Deposits and Withdrawals

There are several ways to deposit funds into the trading account, which includes the most popular and secure payment methods.

As for the minimum deposit amount, the XTB set a minimum deposit of 250 US$ to start, while active traders and PRO accounts may require a higher balances in order to cover all necessary margins.

Conclusion on XTB

XTB as a multi-asset broker provides a well-balanced trading experience while regulated in several major regulatory entities, hence considered a reliable broker. Beyond quality service, the broker’s powerful platform and offerings to the clients earned excellent ratings and regards. Being a client of XTB you will enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship that building durable cooperation with active traders as one of the company main objectives. As a whole, XTB’s offers more than usual brokers do and that’s for sure worth clients note.


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Broker Reviews best forex Demo Review review best forex Demo Review


  • 24 Hour Award Winning Customer Service with Support from Personal Account Managers and Trading Specialists
  • Competitive Trading Terms with High-Speed Execution, No Commissions or Fees, Choice of Fixed or Floating Spreads
  • Excellent Educational Resources including 1 to 1 training, Demo Accounts, Tutorials, Webinars, eBooks and Charting Aids
  • Exclusive Real-Time
  • Market Analysis with 24 Hour News, Commentary and Trading Signals
  • Broad Product Offerings with Over 200 instruments Covering Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Bonds

  • Established –2006
  • Domicile –Cyprus
  • Regulation –Australia ASIC (License No. 424008), Cyprus – CYSEC (license no. 092/08), South Africa – FSB (43906).
  • Restricted Jurisdictions –United States, Canada, Japan
  • Ownership –FTSE 250 Playtech, listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Segregated –Yes
  • Broker Type-Market Maker
  • Web Security –SSL
  • Negative Balance Protection Policy –No offers CFDs on a broad range of financial instruments including forex, stock indices, single shares, bonds, commodities, precious metals and bitcoin. allows you to trade over 50 currency pairs and they are one of the few brokers to offer a choice of fixed and floating spreads. also has impressive breadth and depth of coverage outside of forex. Access the global stock markets via over 20 indices covering all major markets in the US, Asia, Europe, as well as, frontier markets like Russia, Indian, and South Africa. You can also trade CFDs on 230 individual shares from US and Europe, over 20 commodities and 5 bond benchmarks from the US, Europe, Japan and the UK. offers up to 200:1 leverage on most forex pairs, up to 100:1 leverage on indices, commodities and bonds, and up to 20:1 leverage on equities. does not charge any commission on all these types of trades. also offers a social trading experience via its Sirix Webtrader platform where you can view and copy trades of other community members in real-time.

 To get a better idea of the product offerings and trading experience, you can also open a demo account free of charge. offers exclusive real-time market analysis, around the clock news, commentary and market updates.  Traders are given trading signals from technical analysis performed by independent research firm Trading Central.

Traders with VIP accounts are given free access to Autochartist, a leading independent technical analysis service which scours the market for intraday trading opportunities and assesses the risk and profitability of potential trades across various time horizons.  Autochartist is fully integrated in the Metatrader 4 platform. also invests heavily in a vast array of educational materials for traders of all levels.  There are many easy to read introductory articles and ebooks for beginners covering the basics of forex markets, CFDs, fundamental and technical analysis.  The video archive contains materials for advanced traders as well as covering topics like trading strategy, market psychology and capital management. also offer more than 5 webinars a month with timely market analysis and game plans for the upcoming week.  They offer live seminars with their chief analysts in various European cities.  They also maintain a vast video archive of webinars and seminars for those who cannot attend live.


Trading Features

  • CFD’s –Forex, Indices, stocks, commodities
  • Currency Pairs –55
  • Leverage –Up to 200:1
  • Cryptocurrencies –Yes
  • Options –No
  • Trading Signals –Yes, MQL 5
  • Automated Trading –Yes
  • Social Trading –Yes
  • Phone Trading –Yes
  • Platforms –MetaTrader 4, Market WebTrader, Market Mobile Trader
  • Metatrader –Yes
  • Mac Software –No
  • Mobile Trading –Yes

Customer Service

  • Online Support –Email, Live Chat
  • Phone Support –Yes, 24/5
  • Multi-Lingual Support –Yes
  • Personal Account Manager –Yes
  • Awards –London Investor Show Forex “Best Customer Service 2012” award Global Banking & Finance Review “Best Broker in Customer Service Europe 2012” award

Account Options

  • minimum Initial Deposit –$/€/£ 100
  • Base Currencies –USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, PLN, GBP
  • Minimum Lot Size –1,000
  • Account Types –Classic, Standard, Premium
  • Payment Options –Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Fast Wire Transfer, Webmoney was acquired in April 2015 by Playtech in a deal worth EUR 458 million.  Playtech is a London Stock Exchange-listed FTSE 250 gaming software and services provider.

They also recently acquired Plus500 and Avatrade and is also looking to acquire Iron FX.  Playtech intends to integrate Plus500 into the strong brand at some point in the future on account of’s strong customer service competency.  With these recent acquisitions and solid financial backing, Playtech is in a position to transform into the leading global forex broker.

In Europe,’s is regulated by CySEC, and authorized to offer services by the FCA, Banque De France, BaFIN and other leading EU regulators. is also licensed and regulated in Australia by ASIC and South Africa by FSB. was fined in July 2015 by CySEC for undisclosed violations based on from 2013 and 2014 site visits. segregates customer funds from company funds in compliance with regulatory requirements.  Its clients are entitled to compensation up to EUR 20,000 via CySEC’s investor compensation fund. offers a secure trading environment with SSL encryption for all data transmission, data storage on SAS 70 certified data centres, and all funds transfers on Level 1 PCI certified international payment service providers.


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Broker Reviews Best Forex Demo Review ~ Learn all about this Broker trading review Best Forex Demo Review ~ Learn all about this Broker broker started its activity back in 2009 and so far has clients from over 196 countries with a support staff speaking in 30 languages.

The leading company branch is located in Cyprus. However, their offices are indeed covering global needs and serving through Australia, Belize and Greece.

About 1.5 Million Traders and investors at choose from a wide range of XM value products, more than 55 currency pairs and over 700+ trading instruments with advanced technology solutions.

The reason for such fast growth and trust to the broker is that XM aims to provide one of the best user experience in the industry to their clients.


Trading Features’s negative balance protection policy is a precious feature in periods of extreme market volatility. In January 2015, the Swiss Franc appreciated close to 20% overnight versus the Euro, and a lot of traders weren’t able to close out their positions fast enough on their own.
Many brokers automatically liquidated these positions at a substantial loss and went on to pursue clients for additional funds.  After public outrage and delay, some but not all brokers forgave the negative balances; however, these were one-off allowances.’s negative balance protection policy ensures that you will never lose more than your account balance and that you will not be at the whim of your broker’s mercy.

Some brokers will “requote” during turbulent market conditions.  This means they may execute your trade at a slightly different level than the quote you see on your screen after you place the order. commits never to do this to its clients.

It has a strict no requote policy whether you trade online or on the phone. also guarantees execution of stop and limit orders up to 50 lots (5 million units).

Another benefit to trading forex with is that you can customise your leverage based on your risk tolerance.  You can go as high as 888:1 except for eight exotic pairs.  Few brokers offer such high leverage with most in the 200:1 range. offers CFDs on more forex pairs than most brokers with 57. However, its range of markets outside of forex is somewhat limited.  Many other brokers now offer CFDs on individual equities, bonds and ETFs but does not at this time.

Another emerging trend in forex is social trading.  Other brokers have either developed their social trading network or integrate third-party platforms. is a bit behind in this respect as well.

Market Analysis & Education invests heavily in research and investor education.  They provide exclusive daily market analysis in the form of articles, news updates and technical analysis video updates from its experienced research team.  Chief Technical Analyst, Avramis Despotis also provides customers with trading signals twice a day. also has an extensive library of video tutorials on how to use Metatrader software.

You can also join free interactive webinars five days a week on a variety of subjects.  Webinars are conducted in 13 languages, and XM employs 18 instructors to host them. has hosted over 100 live seminars across the globe, run by Chief Technical Analyst, Avramis Despoti.  Despoti starts with the foundations of technical analysis.  He teaches you how to use volatility to identify the best trading opportunities.  Then, how to perform technical analysis over multiple time frames to determine the ideal entry point for a trade.


Trading Features

  • CFD’s –Forex, Commodities, indices
  • Currency Pairs –57
  • Leverage –Up to 888:1
  • Cryptocurrencies –No
  • Options –No
  • Trading Signals –Yes, Trading Signals hub, MQL5
  • Automated Trading –Yes
  • Social Trading –No
  • Phone Trading –Yes

Software Platforms

  • Platforms -MetaTrader 4 (PC, Mac, Browser), Metatrader 4 Multi-terminal, MetaTrader 4 Mobile (iPhone, Ipad, Android)
  • Metatrader –Yes
  • Mac Software –Yes, Metatrader 4 Native
  • Mobile Trading –Yes

Customer Service

  • Online Support –Live chat and email
  • Phone Support –24/5
  • Multi-Lingual Support –Yes
  • Personal Account Manager –Yes

Account Options

  • Minimum Initial Deposit –$5
  • Base Currencies –USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, HUF, PLN, RUB, SGD, ZAR
  • Minimum Lot Size –1,000
  • Account Types –Micro, Standard
  • Payment Options –Visa, Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, UnionPay, Diners Club, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, iDeal, Paysafecard, Qiwi, Cash U, Giro Pay, Przelewy 24, Fasapay, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Moneygram, Western Union
 Is XM safe or a scam and lousy deal? NOT a scam

The XM broker group is fully compliant with the necessary regulation policies following the requirements of each jurisdiction it operates.

XM Group is a group of regulated online brokers, which serves as Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd established in 2009 and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Another entity Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd was established in 2015 in Australia and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Therefore, Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd ( is considered being a safe broker as clients are operated under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union.

The global XM global Limited operation is since 2017 and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission, allowing to offer its services across the globe.

Bottom line on XM. com

In conclusion, XM, as a well-regulated broker by many highly-respected regulators, delivers truly translucent trading conditions and is extremely customer friendly broker.

Be sure, with XM you will find that their always on-hand XM staff will meet your preferences and needs. All together do assist in pleasurable trading for both, brand-new and experienced dealers.

The fact that XM was obtaining very favourable reviews made to be sure of their delivering what they promise. Zero re-requotes and no hidden costs or commissions policy, as well as Negative balance protection, all together brings very comfortable aswell the stringent real-time market execution policy and brings XM extremely welcomed among brokers offering.

This broker offers one of the most generous recommendations in the industry makes XM an outstanding broker. for new traders

Nevertheless, let us know your personal view about XM. Com, do not hesitate to share your thoughts or request us for additional information in the comment area below.

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