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Best Forex Demo Accounts | Trade Risk Free with the Best Brokers

Best Forex Demo Accounts | Trade Risk free with the Best Brokers

Best Forex Demo Brokers List of our Best Forex Demo Accounts site |

The following list is Top Rated Forex Brokers what is important that most of them offer Forex demo account  that are “no time limit accounts”. 
These are the traders that can help you along your way. we chose our brokers by our team of traders who rank them high with satisfaction of their service. we suggest you to choose 2 brokers or more instead of putting all your money at one broker so check out our brokers for the free Forex demo account for beginners 

Top 10 Best Forex Demo Accounts

RankBrokeramount of the demo accountTime OpenPlatformInfoOpen demo accountRead Review
1CAPITALIX$100,000UnlimitedMT4ALL Major Currency pairs +BitcoinOpen AccountRead Review
2ETORO$100,000Unlimitedproprietarycopy trade in demoOpen AccountRead Review
3NSFX$100,000UnlimitedMT4simple registrationOpen AccountRead Review
4LEGACYFX$10,00030 DaysMT5amazing AcademyOpen AccountRead Review
5CMSTRADER$10,00030 DaysSirixSignals ProviderOpen AccountRead Review
6TRADE.COM$500UnlimitedWebplatformFx index crypto stocksOpen AccountRead Review
7FOREXMART$500,000UnlimitedMT4 forex, CFD, , bitcoinsOpen AccountRead Review
8UBCFX$10,00030 DaysMt5signals ProviderOpen AccountRead Review
9GKFX$100,000UnlimitedMT4Max open Trades is 50 Forex & CFD’sOpen AccountRead Review

Best Forex Demo Brokers

In the market, today there are more than enough brokers to take your pick form. for the Best Forex Demo account that will meets your requirements you need of course understand what those requirements are.

even for this Best Forex Demo Brokers List this means that if you are new to trading you might first go to several you tube movies that show how to trade on a platform. there is no shortage on tools and people that will explain you have to trade in theory what to look for and how to do it. but actually, opening a trade on MT4 is always a little bit different,

  • what is the right order to put a trade?
  • how can i make sure i did not forget anything like setting stop loss?
  • are there warning if i make a mistake or do something wrong?

these are all questions that a new trader with a lack of experience and low confidence in this will ask himself. the brokers that are in the list are there also for a reason.  at all times feel free from your account manager to ask for guidance but best is trading on their demo account.

my advice in general is trying to convince yourself that you are trading with real money. if you treat it as play money then it is like playing poker with match-sticks, there is no tension and the psychological effects of trading live on forex will be lost on you. this will be the hardest part but every trader will tell you that trading and trading for profits are 2 different things.

most will also agree that more than 50% of trading is the psychology part. when to go in and when to get out. how not to panic and how not to let greed allow you to make stupid decisions. Our Best Forex Demo Brokers List, is to provide you with the right brokers, how you actually use and take full advantage of the free forex demo account is up to you.

Regulated versus Unregulated Forex Brokers

As a Forex trader or industry professional, you will have noticed the huge number of brokerages competing for business.

While the majority of the big name brokerages are based and regulated in jurisdictions where the provision of FX, there are a significant number of brokerages who are based in offshore locations where regulation is non-existent or very lax.

People’s opinions regarding unregulated brokerages differs greatly with some advising traders to steer well clear, while others are happy to put their trust and money in such unregulated entities.  Read More

What to ask your Broker

Your are as a Trader first and for most a client of the brokerage. as such you are able to  ask and talk about your trading conditions, rates and requirements. Learn here what to ask for

Picking your Broker

it pays to know how to select the right broker for your trading and if you want to trade Forex or Binary. this is what you have to look for. Learn here how and what

Social Trading on Demo

Besides the regular demo accounts there are some special accounts out there , since the demo accounts is for you a way to see how the broker is working , then it makes sense that if the broker offers a special service you will also get a demo account for this service. In this case for example we take Etoro. Etoro special social trading platform which allows you to copy traders that are in their network offers this also as a demo account for to feel secure with their system. When deciding to work with a new broker and you want a demo account, always ask for the demo for their flagship service or platform

How to Make Money Online with Trading Financial Instruments

For the last couple of  Years the retail trading industry has become more and more Mature, investing and making money online with binary options trading and forex trading has become increasingly attractive to the smaller investors and individuals who form their computer at home trade in Gold, Oil, , shares, equities, currencies, and commodities. Thou both Trading formats deal with the volatility of the markets the approach to these forms of trading is very different and should be treated as such. Binary Options is like the little brother of the Forex industry. The main advantage there is that you know what you are going to earn or loose the moment you open a trade. While the risks with trading Forex requires a different money and risk management  the profits might be larger.

Learn here which form of trading is best for you and where you should trade.

Trade with Assistance of the best Forex Signal Providers


Testing your signals with the best Forex demo Brokers

Signals are used by most traders in one way or another and can help any trader regardless of their level to become or remain profitable. find below a small list of the best Signals service provider sin the industry and read more about signals here

Forex Regulations and why this IS important

Forex brokers are monitored, licensed and regulated by the financial regulaters like Banque de France, CONSOB in Italy and the FCA in the United Kingdom,  since for the country it is a great source of Income most countries offer one type of regulation or another. for Brokers it costs a lot of money to get a license and requires a special staff for complaince to keep  the license . read more about hos this works and why it does matter for somebut not for others. Read More

Best Forex Demo : Why do you NEED a demo account  ?

There are some crucial reasons as to why new traders need to start on a  Best forex demo account metatrader 4 or other trading platform before depositing money. And our Best Forex demo account review is to assist you finding the right account and broker for you.

around 85% of the traders just like you are not making any profit but are losing money on a daily basis, traders lose money.

For a large part this is because ne traders want to start trading straight away , it is like having your driving license but you are allowed only to drive for some time in a virtual car as a game. This will not hold your interest for that long and you want to drive away straight away. This is where people get into trouble or lose their money so to speak.

It is important to understand the differences vs. real accounts a how and why you should Test an EA and signal service on the new demo account that you Will open before you start trading with real funds that is why we will advise where you will find the best  free demo accounts:

 Demo Account VS Real Account

Most traders have found that their trading performance is very different when they go from trading on a demo account to trading on a real live account. Here the psychology aspect should not be underestimated as people tend to trade different the moment there is real money on the line, they get nervous faster and are likely to end trades to early or too late.

But sometimes the trading platform also behaves different from a demo account to a real account. The execution of the trades can be slightly different but a enough for the results to be very different.Demo accounts Vs Real Trading acount ~ FOREX DEMO ACCOUNT

What are the main differences between Demo and real account in Forex

 I would say there are 2 kinds of differences.

  1. Psychological Differences
  2. Execution Differences

Psychological Differences

Often the difference in performance are because of the inherit psychological differences between trading with your own money to trading with fictive currency. You simply do not care as much. This is the first thing you need to try to change, start with a state of mind that it is actual real MONEY and money some numbers that are able to trade like crazy.

With this I mean that the money management you need to implement on the demo account should be the same as you would implement on a live account. like never open a trade more then 3-5 % of your entire portfolio.

What are the main differences ?

  • Lack of pressure and tension: Trading with a demo account feels a lot like a game and is more fun than anything else when you start. But many traders find that when they trade with real money there is a lot of stress involved as your money is on the line.
  • Changing your trading strategy:you were trading on a demo account for a reason, if the moment you trade with real cash you start to trade different the entire exercise you made on the free demo account was for nothing. Trade the same way you were successful on the demo account. it makes sense that you would not trade with real money if you were not able to make a profit on the demo account so after some time you got the hang of it and found your way of trading. so don’t change this.

 Execution Differences

Small changes in Performance are one of the main causes that will result to a number different execution factors. With a demo account, you do not enter the market so the broker will not hedge your account and the executions will be superior to a real account

  • Price Feed and Spread Differences: The majority of brokerages use the same spreads and price feed for Real and demo accounts, but not all this is something you should always ask as the spread you will be charged will make a difference in the results, more than the actual performance.
  • The Execution of Stop Loss Orders: When using a demo account stop Loss orders are normally fulfilled at the exact price that was preset by the trader at the moment he / she opened the trade. In real trading conditions, this will not always be the case, there will be slippage, simply because the price can jump over your set stoploss creating a small lack.
  • Slippage: Brokerages will execute an order on a demo account always straight away at the quoted price. This again might differ in real time trading as there is no guaranteeing that your order will be filled at the quoted price. Since it will take time (no matter how short an amount of time) and in a very volatile market half a second can mean the difference between profit or loss.
  • Requotes: When using a demo platform you will not receive any requotes, while in live trading this will happen, a broker will give a requote for the trade you opened. the difference again might create a difference in performance for the trader

Is there Value in Trading on a demo account?

If you look at the differences between a demo account and real account they are quite big and important. that said, as a new trader you simply NOT start with real money no matter what the broker tells you. It takes time to learn how to trade, not to panic and find your strategy.

See it as an education. thou in the beginning it might cost you money to learn the end goals is to acquire the skills to make money of the education you paid for. Some people paid way too much money for this education simply because they started from day one will a real money account having heard from friends how easy it is. these are the people that make out most of the 85% that are losing money. It takes time practice and a certain state of mind to become a good trader and this you need to slowly develop.

This means also that after one week of trading in profit it does not mean that you are ready for the real thing. take your time, at least a few months see the market learn from other traders and educate yourself , over time you will find that you start to take your demo account also more serious as you are spending more and more time cultivating your portfolio.

This is good as it will bring you closes to the actual mental state of trading with real money. This is why finding the BEST FOREX DEMO ACCOUNT IS IMPORTANT