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SimpleFX broker review 2020: How to buy cryptocurrencies as CFD

SimpleFX is an award-winning CFD broker that lets you trade over 200 symbols in one place. It houses popular trading assets like forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. This broker has served since 2014 in over 160 countries worldwide and is registered as an International Business Company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It boasts…

SimpleFX is an award-winning CFD broker that lets you trade over 200 symbols in one place. It houses popular trading assets like forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. This broker has served since 2014 in over 160 countries worldwide and is registered as an International Business Company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It boasts of excellent trading conditions with up to 500x leverage – the highest in the market.

Easy trading anytime

If you want to trade anytime and from anywhere, SimpleFX is the right place. SimpleFX is a simple yet feature-rich trading tool for both beginner and seasoned traders. Traders can easily buy or sell any asset on the SimpleFX mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The SimpleFX WebTrader can also be accessed from a desktop or laptop using a web browser. Just go to the SimpleFX website, log in, and you’re ready to trade. Seasoned traders can opt to trade using the MetaTrader 4 versions available on desktop and mobile devices.


SimpleFX is the go-to trading app for both beginner and seasoned traders

The SimpleFX WebTrader has a clean and easy-to-use screen for trading a huge list of instruments. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are available alongside gold, stocks, commodities, and other symbols. Everything is found on a single screen and trading is a straightforward process. Just pick a symbol from the left panel, click “new order,” set your order details, and hit “buy” or “sell.” All transactions are recorded on the tabs found at the bottom. On the right side of the screen, you can see a blog and news feeds so traders are up to date with the latest market happenings and make timely trades.

The platform has fully customizable features. You can easily change the chart type, chart view, and you can use basic and advanced charting tools found at the top part of the screen. What’s great about it is that the symbols panel on the left and the feeds panel on the right can be hidden using toggle arrows. This way, you can focus on what data you want to see.

The SimpleFX trading platform is available 24/7. You can trade cryptocurrencies anytime, and other symbols from anywhere subject to their respective market trading schedules. This broker has also active social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Deposits and withdrawals

Convenient payment using cryptocurrencies and fiat money are available. Users can deposit in Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Chainlink, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero with zero fee and no minimum and maximum limits. Payments in Tether ERC20 and Tether Omni have a minimum deposit requirement of USDT 0.01.

Traders can also make deposit payments using fiat money through trusted partners such as Fasapay, Skrill, and Netteler. Payments through Skrill and Netteler require a 20 USD minimum deposit and no maximum limit.

Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are free and have the following minimum limits: Bitcoin 0.001, BitcoinCash 0.001, Chainlink 1, Dash 0.01, Ethereum 0.02, Ethereum Classic 0.02, Litecoin 0.005, Monero 0.01, Tether ERC20 (USDT 5), Tether Omni (USDT 10). Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are processed within 24 hours.

SimpleFX traders can also withdraw their earnings in fiat money via Fasapay, Skrill, and Netteler. Fasapay has no maximum/minimum withdrawal limits but requires a 1% withdrawal fee. Neteller has a 3% fee, no maximum withdrawal limit, and a $10 minimum withdrawal requirement. Lastly, Skrill also has a 3% fee, a $10 minimum withdrawal limit, and a $50000 maximum limit. Withdrawals in fiat money are processed within 72 hours.

Traders must take note that the same method should be used for both deposit and withdrawal. If more than one method was used, then the method with the biggest deposit or withdrawal should be used.

Trading with leverage

 SimpleFX offers traders the freedom to pick leverage from 1x up to 500x. Trading with leverage is a great way to boost trading revenue without investing a lot. When you trade on leverage, you can open a position based on a margin amount or a percentage of the position value. The broker provides the borrowed funds. For example, you can buy Apple stocks with $100 traded with 100x leverage and end up with a position amounting to $10,000. Pushing further with 500x leverage, the $100 that you initially had will be $50,000. In other words, leverage offers higher returns. SimpleFX caters to a wide range of traders with different risk appetites.

Risk management

SimpleFX offers demo accounts to its traders. A demo account is a feature where traders can place orders using mock funds but with real market data. It’s a great venue to practice trading or try out different trading strategies without risking any real capital. Upon sign up, traders can easily create a demo trading account alongside the live accounts. It is free and has all features present in live trading.

Another great feature in the SimpleFX is that the system automatically protects traders from negative balance if the market goes unfavorable. If a trade is not successful and can result in a negative balance account, SimpleFX instantly closes that position. This way, the trader’s loss is only limited to the deposit amount and does not include any borrowed funds. This feature lets traders earn unlimited income with limited loss.


SimpleFX offers one of the best trading conditions among CFD brokers. Traders can easily trade popular instruments in different asset classes in a single app. The high leverage of up to 500x lets traders get more freedom in their trades. SimpleFX also has no commissions, no minimum deposit requirements, and no strict KYC involved. Anyone can start trading immediately. Just create a free trading account using an email address. The ability to deposit and withdraw in both cryptocurrency and fiat money is very convenient especially for traders in countries not yet embracing crypto.

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Online Trading platform SIRIX


SIRIX|  Online Trading platform SIRIX Review


Everyone that has been trading for some time has most likely traded on the metatrader 4 trading platform of metaquotes. This has been the standard in the industry for the last couple of years.


But more and more brokers Like CMSTrader and UBCFX are offering alternatives that might suite certain traders even better then the MT4 as they have a lower learning curve and are designed more intuitive.
One of these platforms is the Sirix Trading Platform.
The Sirix Trading platform is

Sirix, a fully packed trading software with numerous with numerous options and special indicators that are designed by the software company to present you with a personalized trading experience.

Positive features and benefits of the Sirix Trading Platform

Ease of Use: if you are a trader you will be able to access your Sirix trading platform and see all your trades and other information at any place and time. The Web-trader is a fully function trading platform that does not require you to do any download. This has more or less become the norm of the industry and if you for example take the Sirix Trading platform of LegacyFX you will be able to have a download desktop version, a web version and a mobile version.
these in general all have the same functionalities but of course is the mobile version a bit more limited due to the smaller screen real estate.

Indicators and Options: this platform provides build I more than 50 Indicators which for most traders is over kill but it does allow most traders to find the right indications to match their trading behavior and trading strategies.

The Charting Package that Sirix provides is easy enough to understand and gives you as a trader all the information you need, there are different time frames that in combination with the ability to display lines and annotations make this platform feel like it is designed for you.

Social Trading: Sirix has a full feature social trading module that allows you to watch the trades of others which might give you new insights and trading ideas. If you come a across a trader that is particular successful you are able to copy that traders’ trades and create a full automated copy trader,
You as the trader are still in charge and you have the option to trade with lesser or higher amount then the trader you are copying.
In order to use the social trading, you have to open an account with their social trading community.

This can only be done by using a nickname an order to protect you identity. When you are part of the community then you are part of all the brokers that offer this feature to their traders. Meaning you are able to follow a trader that is trading with 12trader while you are trading with account from UBCFX or any other broker that has Sirix.

Now I have to mention that if you look to only trade social then the Etoro Platform is still a better solution s this system is built only for social trading and they have pretty much defined the concept.


Sirix Crypto Trading Platform

this is the latest platform that was launched by Leverate.

it focuses , just like the name says more n the trading of cryptocurrencies.

as this company understands that this is the direction where the market is going and more and more traders are asking for trading in Bitcoin or ripple trading to just name a few they have added this feature to the Sirix Platform , this means that every broker that has the sirix trading platform is in theory able to offer trading in cryptocurrencies.

in addition they have launched also a platform that is only trading cryptocurrencies but that will be another review as i have yet to see and play with this system

The Software company Leverate has created a very user friendly platform with inbuilt social trading and news functionality. When they launched this platform in 2012 it was already a good platform but today it rivals the best of them easily.

The Intuitive aspect of this platform is one of the key features and makes the threshold of trading lower for newbies. There is also a fastn amount of Sirix Tutorials out there that will help even the total beginners with the Sirix Platform

Now of the traders that need bots and more indicators then there sis still nothing that beats the metatrader 4 trading platform but for many traders Sirix offers more then enough and makes the trading experience easier then with MT4.
More and more brokers are offering this alongside their other trading platform so you as a trader will come across more and more brokers that have the Sirix Trading platform in their arsenal.

These are some of the Best Broker for trading on Sirix


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Who Will Speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm?

Who Will Speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm?

Bringing DLT Specialists Together:


 On September 11, Sweden will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm organized by Smile-Expo – international coordinator of business events.

The conference will introduce various topics regarding blockchain and will drive attention to the most topical problems of the cryptocurrency market today.

Key speakers:[yasr_overall_rating]

One of the invited experts is the Member of Swedish Parliament Mathias Sundin who is involved in the Tax Committee and the Finance Committee. The specialist has co-founded a revolutionary technological organization Warp Institute and joined financial company Goobit. At the event, the speaker will analyse the power of decentralized systems, evaluating its long-term strenghts.

Head of Digital and Innovation at Landshypotek Bank Merete Salmeling will deliver the presentation, too. She will explain how DLT can be integrated into the real estate, and what advantages it brings.

President of Blockchain Alliance Europe Tanja Bivic Plankar will join the conference as well. Being an initial coin offerings expert, she will share knowledge about ICOs, describe recent innovations in the token sale sphere and talk about the regulatory framework.

Meet the speakers at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Regulatory and legal challenges coming with innovations will also be discussed by Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna – Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland. The speaker is a lawyer, VC investor, and banking specialist. He provides business consultations and has already written 10 books discovering innovative processes, money and technology.

See the full list of Key speakers here

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is the second crypto event in Sweden carried out by Smile-Expo. The company has already held 40 successful crypto conferences in 25 countries.

Use an opportunity to meet leading DLT specialists, ask questions and learn new topical information about the blockchain industry at first hand at the conference!

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Details of the event and registration are available on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

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Go Visit the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Go Visit the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a highly anticipated crypto event in Sweden.  and is being held for the second time.

after the success of the first one they look to make this event a annual one.  since the crypto industry is going more and more out of the shadows and becomes more mainstream you will find that the quality of people involved also grows.

this is clearly displayed in the extensive list of speakers at this event.

Event goals:

bringing together the international business community in order to share their experience of integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies; discussing blockchain industry issues and finding ways to solve them; encouraging a balanced growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Conference topics: 

  • blockchain in various sectors: energy industry, real property, newsmaking etc.
  • Legal regulation of the blockchain sector
  • token models and their application
  • ICO regulation.


the list of world-renowned blockchain experts, including government officials, foreign investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and developers is impressive and should get this event the notice it deserves.

Meet the speakers at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

who should not miss this Event :

investors, business people, lawyers, startup founders, and those aiming to launch a token sale.

why should not miss this Event :

:to receive full information with case studies about the blockchain application, to discover how to comply with the legal norms in the blockchain industry, to find business partners, and to enhance your brand awareness.

Prices of the Event

Standard ticket  – 240 EUR

  • Full access to all conference sessions
  • Access to demo area
  • Сoffee breaks
  • Speed networking

Student ticket – 121 EUR

  • Full access to all conference sessions
  • Access to demo area
  • Сoffee breaks
  • Speed networking

A valid student ID should be presented at check-in. No refunds on the day of the event.

Buy Your ticket Now

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a part of the series of Blockchain World Events held in 25 countries. The organizer is Smile-Expo International Company.

events around the globe

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