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IG Review | Expert Traders Reveal Pros & Cons (2020) –

IG is a brokerage firm that allows its clients to trade a range of financial markets using leverage via both CFDs and spread betting. The product offerings found in this review span multiple asset classes, including commodities, shares, forex, and indices.

IG is a brokerage firm that allows its clients to trade a range of financial markets using leverage via both CFDs and spread betting. The product offerings found in this review span multiple asset classes, including commodities, shares, forex, and indices.

Additionally, broker offers more traditional investment options, such as ETFs and shares. The broker also offers managed wealth portfolios.

Also is the shortened version of IG Markets Ltd., which has been in operation since 1974. Those who review this broker will find numerous well-earned awards in its history. The company now has 15 sales offices spread across five continents, appealing to clients around the world. Traders will have access to more than 16,000 markets in addition to multiple platforms and educational materials.


  • Offers spread betting as a tax-effective option
  • More than 45 years of experience
  • Multiple trading platforms available


  • Trading fees are slightly higher than some competitors’

What can you trade?

Min Deposit

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Max Leverage

Traders looking for a forex review should know that the broker offers access to more than 80 forex pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics. Trading of these assets is available via a range of platforms, including MetaTrader 4.

Forex trading on IG for UK clients can be done via CFDs, DMA (Forex Direct), or spread betting. Only professional clients can access DMA trading of forex. There is no commission for forex trading via spread betting or CFDs of FX, but broker has variable commissions for DMA trading.

To help you form your own review, consider sample margins and spreads. For EUR/USD, retail clients can have leverage of up to 1:30, while professional clients can have leverage up to 1:222. That same pair has minimum spreads of 0.6 with an average spread of 0.70.

Min Deposit

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Max Leverage

Any CFD review will include a fairly extensive list of assets since most of the assets that are tradeable via the broker are in the form of CFDs. This includes indices, forex, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies, options, Digital 100s, interest rates, sectors, ETFs, and bonds.

In most cases, trading CFDs via IG will not require paying commissions. Instead, the broker makes its profits via spreads. As you review CFD offerings, you will notice that there is negative balance protection and no stamp duty. It is also possible to offset losses against your profits via tax deductions.

Min Deposit

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Max Leverage

No review is complete without mentioning its stock offerings. This broker offers the ability to use a dealing service to directly buy and sell shares or to trade them via CFDs.

There are more than 12,000 international shares available to trade via spread betting or CFDs in the UK alone, making IG one of the best UK stock brokers. One standout aspect of IG in this respect is that it also offers traditional methods of dealing stocks, a rare offering among CFD brokers. Commissions on UK stocks start at £5. There is even the ability to open a stocks and shares ISA, a strong bonus from this type of broker.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

In addition to stocks, you will also find ETFs as you review IG. These can be traded in a traditional manner via the dealing service or in the form of CFDs.

For those in the UK who want to diversify their investments with ease, our review suggests the IG Smart Portfolios as an option. These are built, monitored, and managed by broker and feature a diversified portfolio of ETFs that is customised to your risk profile and goals.

Min Deposit

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Max Leverage

Our cryptocurrency review team finds it highly convenient that using spread betting or CFDs allows traders to make a profit off of cryptocurrencies without actually owning the digital currency.

In the UK, IG reviews also mention that you can trade cryptocurrencies via spread betting. There is the option to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS, and NEO. A unique point that our IG cryptocurrency review team appreciates is the Crypto 10 index, which lets you broaden your exposure with a single trade.

Min Deposit

App Support

Max Leverage

Spread betting is not offered in most global markets, including by IG.

A UK review will indicate that you can easily engage in spread betting with this broker if you are in the United Kingdom. In fact, nearly every single asset offered for trading is available as a spread bet instead of a CFD. This includes access to spread betting indices, forex, commodities, shares, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, interest rates, sectors, options, and digital 100s.

What did our traders think after reviewing the key criteria?

Our traders found that the broker makes most of its money via spreads, a fact that it notes on its website. Also charges several other fees, but those make up a comparatively small portion of its revenue.

Additional fees should mention include commissions on share CFDs, FX conversion, inactivity fees, and overnight fees. The commissions associated with share dealing apply to selling or buying ETFs or stocks. Depending on trading activity, clients may also have to pay a custody fee quarterly.

Keep in mind that broker offers all of its share prices in your local denomination, GBP. Converting to the base currency you choose is only 0.5 per cent.

The spreads are in line with those from other brokers, although the additional fees are worth consideration. As some examples, EUR/USD can have spreads from just 0.6 points, Spot Gold can have a spread as low as 0.3 points, and FTSE 100 and Germany 30 can have spreads as low as 1 point.

For transparency, IG maintains a list of its charges on its website. This page indicates the current spreads and commissions for each asset, divided by asset class for convenience.

Our IG review would appreciate if the broker offered more account types. At the very least, will show that you can choose from a retail or professional account, with demo accounts also available.

Retail clients get to take advantage of low spreads and margins, Saturday and Sunday trading for cryptocurrencies and indices, and extended hours for U.S. stocks.

Professional clients must meet at least two of the following three qualifications: (1) averaged at least 10 leverage transactions of significant size per quarter in the past four quarters; (2) having more than €500,000 in their financial instrument profile, which includes cash deposits; and/or (3) at least a year of experience in the financial sector in a professional position that required derivatives knowledge.

Professional accounts receive lower margin requirements but lose the negative balance protection found on retail accounts.

Demo accounts give traders access to £10,000 in virtual funds to test their trading strategies and review IG themselves. The demo gives traders full access, including to the free mobile applications and the Academy content.

Also should note the vast range of CFD offerings that the broker has in terms of trading platforms, as there is something for every type of client.

ig platform

The online IG Trading platform lets you trade with your web browser and does not require any downloads. This feature-filled platform makes it simple to review CFD offerings, as well as those for other assets. The platform includes multiple timeframes, indicators, drawings, smart settings, risk management tools, and breaking news via Twitter and Reuters.

Traders can also review smartphone and tablet applications with their native designs. These mobile platforms let you see live prices without logging in and include 256-bit SSL encryption. They also offer access to exclusive analysis and data for forex, indices, shares, stocks, and more.

Those in search will likely appreciate the inclusion of MetaTrader 4, a platform known for its ease of trading forex and other asset classes. MT4 for broker’s offers access to thousands of markets and the ability to go short or long with CFDs or spread betting.

ProRealTime features automated trading and is a web-based charting package. This is also exclusive to IG in the UK. It offers more than 100 indicators, the ability to build algorithms for 24/7 execution, and unlimited timeframes.

Additionally, supports L2 dealer for Forex Direct and DMA trading, including drag and drop functionality for trades. For the more technologically inclined traders reading this review, you can also connect front-end solutions of your own, including APIs and terminals, to the API.

Broker’s website can be intuitive to use with a professional appearance. The main navigation menu features multiple drop-down menus to make it easier to find offerings. Those looking to review IG’s cryptocurrency, forex, or other offerings should be able to easily find information on the given asset. Our review also appreciates the easy access to investments, the Training Academy, and the search bar. The bottom navigation bar is also useful, although slightly less extensive.

As we examined the support page, we appreciated the extensive FAQ section, especially its convenient divisions by categories, such as “Charts” and “Accounts and Statements.” The popular searches listed at the top of the page and the search bar are also very useful touches.

Traders can contact via live chat, email, or a 24/5 phone number. There is also the option to fill out a contact form.

One very interesting element of support is the community aspect. IG encourages users to seek assistance from others in the community. This is a nice feature that lets traders interact with each other.

Any IG review includes multiple methods of funding a trading account.

Card Payments

Card payments are the quickest method of funding an account, including credit or debit. These methods result in immediate deposits. broker does require users to register their card before making a deposit. You can have five cards on the account at once.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank transfers are also available. They can take three days to process, but you can speed this up by uploading proof of payment.


Supports funding via PayPal. The first deposit via this method will link your PayPal to your account. You will need to contact the help desk to change this account.

IG Academy is an exceptional offering from the broker. It includes free webinars, seminars, and online courses for all skill levels. The broker also has a Learn to Trade section of its website with additional resources.

Traders can read analysis and news, read about financial events on the economic calendar, explore expert trading strategies and techniques, and more. There are also sections regarding managing risk and a glossary.

The Financial Conduct Authority authorises and regulates broker under the names IG Markets Ltd and IG Index Ltd. As such, traders can expect their review to show segregated funds and deposit protection of up to £85,000.

In addition they have received numerous honours from independent organisations to show its appeal. At the ADVFN International Financial Awards in 2019, the broker earned the title of “Best Spread Betting and CFD Education Tools,” “Best Multi-Platform Provider,” and “Best Finance App.”

ig awards

At the Online Personal Wealth Awards in 2019, it was honoured with “Best CFD Provider” and “Best Stocks and Shares Provider” awards. At the 2019 Annual Review, earned the title of “#1 Overall Broker.” Also in 2019, it was the Investopedia Online Brokers Awards winner for “Best for Forex Trading.”


Yes, IG is legit. The firm is a subsidiary of IG Group Holdings Plc, an FTSE-250 listed company with ticker symbol IGG. Headquartered in London, UK, the group has offices in 16 countries across five continents and are subject to stringent supervision by the financial regulators in the country of operations. The regulators include the FCA in the UK, Singapore’s MAS, the CFTC and NFA in the US, and the Monetary Authority in Bermuda.

Opening a Live CFD trading account is a simple and straightforward process. While the account opening is free, you have to fund your account with a minimum initial deposit of £250, which is affordable and is among the lowest in the industry. You can transfer funds to your account via debit/credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

If you are trading with IG, the CFD broker charges only the spread on all the asset classes except for shares. The spread starts from 0.6 pips for the major FX pairs, 0.3 points for Gold, and 1 point on the major indices like the FTSE 100. The other fees include the swap, FX conversion and an inactivity fee of £12 if your account is dormant for 2 years or more. Also, based on the trading volumes, you could be paying a quarterly custodial fee.

IG is a CFD, spread-betting and an investment broker operating since 1974. The broker’s offering covers more than 16,000 markets across forex, indices, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies, futures, and options. The broker also has weekend markets where you can trade in GBP/USD, global indices, and cryptocurrencies.

IG’s investments offering includes share dealing, smart portfolios, ISAs, SIPP, and ETFs. Besides, the broker also provides prime services for institutional clients.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Blockchain tech – so revolutionary in nature that some are calling it the “new internet.” It has applications in just about every industry, and has completely altered the way we think about internet security, the processing of information, and the speed of transactions.

Blockchain is the technology that supports the digital currency  or cryptocurrency called Bitcoin –

however this is not what it is really about as it has a far wider scope of applications and is being commercialized in a growing number of areas.

It has generated much interest in technology circles and beyond, because of the new possibilities it opens up in financial services, the public sector and other areas.

According to sites like, blockchain tech is definitely worth keeping an eye on due to the myriad of benefits it provides.

Blockchain and Bitcoin are not the same thing – Bitcoin is implemented using blockchain technology, but blockchain technology can be used in contexts much wider than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. so when we are talking about the blockchain we are talking about a combination of a number of technologies, these including:

  • Distributed ledgers.
  • The blockchain data structure.
  • Public key cryptography.
  • Consensus mechanisms.

Part of what makes it so exciting is that it is completely open source. As a result, there are already a number of interesting blockchain apps, and the number is growing daily.

The technology is so secure that it is already being used by DARPA to secure military data. Various governments around the world are working on ways to use the tech to protect their own data.
The tech is tamper-proof, and the data stored within it is permanent. It cannot be erased or altered, and this is what makes it so enticing to those needing more secure networks.

But there is more, folks. (Okay, so that sounds a bit like an infomercial, but the benefits are real nonetheless.) Transactions can speed across the network – taking only as much time as it takes for them to be authorized.

The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.

William Mougayar

The system runs without the need for an intermediary, and this reduces the time it takes to execute transactions. This, and the unique way that the tech works, means that costs are significantly reduced as well.

What makes it so revolutionary is that the information is spread across every computer within the network. With Bitcoin, that means the data is securely “backed up” over thousands of computers.

Now, it is unlikely that banks will entrust their data to a public network in the same way, but they have been working on creating networks of their own instead.

The potential savings in terms of cost and time are extensive. If you want to learn more about these savings, check out the infographic below.


Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Why You Need to Get Onboard With Blockchain!

Visit . for more interesting Infographics

Guys did an amazing job and was allowed to share.


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Statements about Cryptocurrency

Statements about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are in a bubble and regulators could burst this at a whim.

  • Eight years after the introduction of Bitcoin, there are now over 900 cryptocurrencies and their prices are at all-time highs.
  • Richard Schiller categorizes bubbles as an underlying story driving the market forward, as opposed to the fundamentals of the assets. Cryptocurrencies are riding on a narrative of economic empowerment and freedom.
  • Despite the widespread attention that cryptocurrency receive, many of the actors involved in the market are not fully informed. Debate tends to turn to hype and naive investors are buying crypto-assets without fully understanding what they are.
  • Banks spend 73% of the market capitalization of Bitcoin each year on regulatory compliance. Crypto-assets are currently unregulated and free of these restrictions. As such, the market has thrived but also developed some bad habits.
  • Regulators cannot necessarily shut down cryptocurrencies, but they can restrict liquidity into them from fiat currencies and hamper their growth. The global derivatives market, for example, is worth $1.2 quadrillion, dwarfing Bitcoin’s $100 billion market cap.

Statements about Cryptocurrency

Market manipulations in crypto markets are undermining their credibility.

  • Due to low liquidity, no regulation, and a lack of clear understanding of the markets, pump and dumps are widespread in crypto markets. This is where a speculator can artificially sell while concurrently buying their own currency, wait for the market to rise, and then dump their holdings.
  • Frontrunning is also a common occurrence in ICOs, where early investors—who are used to show initial faith in the enterprise—buy discounted tokens before immediately selling them on.

As with historic bubbles, scams are exploiting naive investors.

ICOs can have the characteristics of vaporware. Entrepreneurs are raising hundred of millions of dollars purely on concepts. Money is being raised from investors who do not truly understand the technical concepts being proposed to them, let alone whether they are feasible.

  • The actual asset structures of ICOs are not only complex but also new forms of assets in their own right. This further confuses investors, which is compounded by the “FOMO” mentality of rushing into investments and following the crowd.
  • The use of celebrities to promote ICOs further demonstrates the use of manipulative marketing techniques used to cajole immature investors into participating in ICOs.
  • The current ICO craze is reminiscent of the South Sea Bubble of the 18th century, a speculatory period that involved crazed investment into enterprises in the New World. Once one of the highest valued companies of all time, the South Sea Company’s bubble burst and the company disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared.

Blockchains are still not proven technology, and more work is required.

  • Blockchains are still new concepts and their technology has not yet been proven on a consumer-wide scale. Attention should be focused on developing this, not speculating on short-termist projects.
  • The security of blockchains is a concept that most investors in crypto-assets do not understand. The onus is on them to protect their assets, which, on the basis of the amount of thefts and frauds in the space, is not being done properly.

There are some solutions to these issues.

  • A less polarized mentality of “us against the world” is needed; this could be enforced by the promotion of self-regulatory standards. These could also help to highlight the bad actors in the ecosystem.
  • More development is required into the underlying technology of blockchains. In the long run, this would be far more valuable than ICO moon-shot projects.
  • Awareness and discussion needs to be promoted. Conferences should present balanced debates from both sides of the crypto-view and more emphasis should be placed on educating investors instead of soliciting their investments.

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Statements about Cryptocurrency

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CMStrader Signals provider, the number 1 signal provider 4 years in a row

CMStrader Signals provider, the number 1 signal provider 4 years in a row.

CMStrader, the number 1 signal provider 4 years in a row, is now offering free signals to new clients!  Reliable trading tools are fundamental part of successful trading.

cmstrader for the Best Trading Signals

cmstrader for the Best Trading Signals


CMStrader’s signals success rate is estimated in 91% this should be enough to take a look and decide for yourself. since this is their biggest feature and drives this broker towards success, it is opretty afe to say that they do their utmost to provide you with quality forex signals.

This broker also entered the cryptocurrency market and offers several cryptocurrencies.  in short they act on the market and engage their clients directly.

when you start trading at CMSTrader, you can choose from a extended list of currencies, indices, commodities, gold and oil.

CMStrader Signals for better Trading

CMSTrader sends trading signals to traders’ accounts when there is an opportunity to buy or sell orders at specific points; an overview of the speculated price or loss ratio is included.

CMStrader Signals the number 1 signal provider among brokers

CMStrader Signals the number 1 signal provider among brokers

The signals are sent directly via SMS to a cellphone for major currencies traded on the stock exchange, foreign goods and precious metals.

In addition, signals can be sent to an e-mail address and or traders can be notified directly over the phone.  This service is available 24/5.

Like with Most proper signal services don’t expect 50 signals a day as simply there are not that many. you will get maybe a few good ones a day on which you could and most of the time should act.

Earn profits with CMStrader Signals in the forex market – the biggest trading scene in the world. Enjoy our unique benefits, trading education, minimum margin and best leverage! Start with a demo account and enter the amazing world of forex with CMStrader.

More about CMStrader Signals & Forex Broker

  • Name :CMSTrader
  • Website
  • Established :2013
  • Regulation :FSP
  • Country :United Kingdom
  • U.S. Clients Allowed ?  :No

CMSTrader is a leading investment advisor specializing in personal wealth management and growth and is a somewhat a newcomer to the Forex market.

they started in 2013 and since then have won several awards 2 including one for having best customer service in 2013.

CMSTrader “CMStrader Signals” is authorized under the name of CMS Ventures Limited which is a New Zealand Registered Financial Service Provider (FSP).

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