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How to Test Your Trading Skills without Spending a Dime

“I read this article a while back, that said Microsoft employs more millionaire secretaries than any other company in the world. They took stock options over Christmas bonuses – it was a good move. I remember there was a photo of a groundskeeper standing next to his Ferrari, blew my mind. You see things like…

Practice makes Perfect …

“I read this article a while back, that said Microsoft employs more millionaire secretaries than any other company in the world. They took stock options over Christmas bonuses – it was a good move. I remember there was a photo of a groundskeeper standing next to his Ferrari, blew my mind. You see things like that and it plants seeds, makes you think anything is possible, even easy.

Then you turn on the TV, and there’s just more of it. The $87-million lottery winner, that internet stock that shot through the roof, you could have made millions if you had just gotten in early, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do – get in.”

-Giovanni Ribisi – Boiler Room (2000)

Do you fancy yourself as a superstar trader?

That speech from the movie Boiler Room should leave you itching to make your fortune in the market. If you think you have what it takes to compete on the global stage for your piece of the liquidity pie, then why not give it a try?

Here’s everything you need to know about testing your trading skills – without spending a dime.

Investing in the global financial markets can cost you your shirt if you aren’t careful. You need a mentor, a strategy, and a sizable starting account if you want to take a chance at the big time. However, few people are willing to take the risk of putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to trading.

The thought of blowing up an account and losing all of your money may terrify most first-time traders.

However, what if there was a way to hone your trading and investing skills, without taking the financial risk?

How to find a Mentor – For Free

There are hundreds of online investment schools that teach people how to trade the markets. Each of them offering a strategy that they adapt to specific markets.

Some teachers provide strategies on forex, while others focus on equities or bonds. You need to decide which niche suits your investment style and financial interests.

When checking these mentors, it may shock you to discover that they charge thousands of dollars to teach you’re their investment strategy.

If you don’t have that kind of money available for your education, then there are plenty of free options available to give you an idea of how to trade a strategy.

YouTube is an outstanding resource for anyone that’s learning how to invest and trade. The site comes packed with thousands of videos from various traders that share their strategy.

While none of them will give you a full breakdown of their strategy, there is plenty of useful information available if you look around the channels.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

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Sign Up with A Broker

After you obtain the knowledge you need to invest and trade the markets, you’ll need to start putting it into action.

There are hundreds of online brokers that allow investors to sign up for a trading account on their platform. If you want to test your investing skills, then you’ll need to open an account with one of them to gain access to the market.

After opening your account, you have the option to download a trading platform. The trading platform is a piece of software that allows you to access any market you like. Forex, options, equities, commodities – they are all there at your fingertips.

Brokers offer online platforms accessible from your smartphone. This technology allows you to trade and test your investment skills. Practice on the platform while you’re on your lunch break or during your commute home from your day job.

It may take time to understand the nuances the platform, how to place a trade in real-time, and when to take profits. As with anything you try to master in life, you’ll need to find a mentor to help you fast-track your progress in learning how to invest in the global financial markets.

How Do Brokers Pick Stocks

How Do Brokers Pick Stocks

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Brokers and Platforms

There are various software platforms available online from brokers. Some brokers offer in-house, custom-built software to their clients, while others may rely on generic platforms, such as MetaTrader4.

When selecting your broker, you may have to choose an offshore-facing company. Many U.S-based brokers won’t open accounts for American clients that don’t have a minimum starting deposit of $25,000. This requirement doesn’t help you if you don’t have any money to put into the markets right now. The reason why U.S companies require such a large deposit is due to something called the “Professional Day Trader Rule” or PDT rule for short.

After the 2008 financial crisis that nearly crippled international markets, the U.S government introduced this legislation. This intent was to protect U.S consumers and prevent them from speculating on the markets with money they could not afford to lose.

Unfortunately, the PDT rule means that you’ll have to go to an offshore broker to open a trading account so you can gain access to their platform. Offshore brokers do not have to comply with the PDT rule, even if American citizens sign up for an account.

Free Trading Platforms Compared

Free Trading Platforms Compared

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Playing with Fake Money

After signing up with an offshore broker, you don’t have to send them any real money to access their platform. Most offshore brokers are okay with you opening a “demo account,” in the hope that you decide to choose them when it comes time to invest with real money.

To whet your appetite, the broker allows you to open a trading account using fake or “paper money.” Therefore, you get the opportunity to take trades using leverage, and fake money, to test your skills before you place a real deposit in a trading account.

Paper trading is an excellent way to test your mettle against the market and find out if your strategy works. As a bonus, you don’t take any real financial risk. So, if you blow up your account, then you don’t have to worry about losing a dime to the market.

The broker places no pressure on you to make a real deposit. You can keep playing around with your demo account until you feel confident to transition to a “live account.” Some brokers may try to entice you to start trading with real money by offering you a “bonus” for depositing hard currency into their account. However, in most cases, the broker limits these bonuses to a few hundred dollars at most.

Trading Software Compared

Trading Software Compared

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Testing Your Skills – Blow Up Your Account

When playing around with your demo account, it’s a good idea to push the limits of your strategy, and see what it takes to blow-up your account. By blowing up an account, we mean taking as much risk as possible to see how long it takes you to lose all your money. If you learn how not to trade with your paper account, then there’s less risk that you’ll fail when starting live.

Experiment with leverage, and try investing in various markets to get a feel for how the asset classes move every day. For instance, in the forex market, investors trade more than $5.5-trillion worth of currency every day – that’s a staggering amount of money. If you want to get a piece of the pie, then you’ll need to learn what not to do, before you go out and take a position.

Understand Risk Management

So, you’ve been playing around with your strategy, and you may have blown up an account or two, or made a killing. Either way, it’s time to learn some risk management. Risk management is the backbone of investing and trading. Without the correct risk management in your trading, you are doomed to fail – it’s only a matter of time.

Risk management describes how much money you trade with, relative to your account size. You had plenty of fun trying out the trading platform and messing around with fake money, but now it’s time to get serious. Using massive leverage, or trading to the short side exposes you to the risk of losing more money that is in your account.

As a result, if the market turns on you in a trade, and you don’t have the correct risk management strategy in place, you could end up losing more than your original investment. The broker will come after you to collect on the additional funds you lost using leverage.

It’s for this reason that risk management is so important. Risk management teaches you how much money you can afford to risk on a single trade. If you take a position with all of your investment funds in one trade, what if it goes wrong? No trader is right all the time, and even the best traders and investors only have a 70-percent accuracy at winning.

Therefore, you need to understand how many losing trades you can make before your account blows up, and you have no more funds left to trade. By limiting your risk in each trade, you live to trade another day if the market goes sour on you.

How to Start Investing

How to Start Investing

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When is it Time to Invest Real Money in the market?

You’ll know you are ready to trade when you are consistently profitable. What does it mean to be consistently profitable? If your accuracy is over the 60-percent range, meaning that you win more than you lose, then it’s only a matter of time before you consistently make profits.

However, many traders and investors struggle with transitioning from a paper trading account to a live account. You may find that when you finally do go live, you start experiencing emotions, especially when you lose. As a result of your emotional response, you may begin to alter your strategy.

Your strategy is the most crucial part of your trading. If you start to deviate from it and break your rules, then you will struggle to be consistent. Traders and investors need a consistent approach to the market and a solid trading plan. If you don’t have either of these in place, then you are not investing, you are gambling.

As we know from countless movies and TV shows, the house always wins when it comes to gambling. If you take a look at the top poker players in the world, they have a consistent approach to their gambling. They have a set of rules that they don’t break, and if they find themselves breaking the rules, then they walk away from the table.

It’s the same with investing and trading. You need a consistent trading plan and a set of rules that you follow every day, regardless of your emotional response to the markets. When you break your rules, it’s almost sure that the market will take your money. Every trader and investor struggles with coping with a loss, and no-one likes to see their money slip out of their account.

However, it’s how you deal with the losses, as well as the wind that makes you a good investor and trader. If you struggle with managing your emotions, join a trading chatroom. The chatroom is a great place to meet other traders and discuss these sorts of topics with them. The members of the chat all look out for one another. They are there for you when you are struggling to deal with your emotions and remain profitable.

Some Brokers to Take a Look At

Beware of the “B-Book”

Eventually, you’ll reach a place where you want to give live trading a chance. Using your own money in the markets is a haphazard practice, especially if you are a first-time investor. It’s for this reason that you should avoid opening a live account with an offshore broker unless you know what you are doing.

Brokers monitor all of their traders, even when they are playing around in the demo. When you decide to go live, they have a complete view of your trading history. The admins on the broker’s platforms have the training to discern a newbie that knows what they are doing, from someone that is a first-timer, and likely to blow up their live account.

Therefore, the broker classifies these traders into two different “books.” The “A-book” is for new traders that they think will do well and make money from their trading. The “B-Book” is for new clients that they believe will blow up their account.

Instead of providing the B-Book clients with access to the real market, these brokers front them the market, and trade against them, in the hope that they will lose. As more than 80-percent of newbies lose their account within 6-weeks of starting, the broker pockets this cash.

Wrapping Up – Key Takeaways

Before you get started investing, it’s vital that you find a mentor. Register with an offshore online broker, and start playing around with their software.

Learn how to execute a strategy and how to become consistent with your execution. When you’re ready to go live, be careful which offshore broker you use.

Get recommendations from other investors before you commit your funds to a live account.


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Broker Reviews

Buycryptomarkets Review – top 75 Broker?

Buycryptomarket for trading crypto

Buycryptomarkets Review

buycryptomarkets is a global forex and CFD broker with trading platforms that is suitable and fully functional for all devices.

This is a good option for all levels of traders, although the product portfolio is average, and there is an inactivity fee to be aware of.

Initially formulated in 2023 to provide a robust forex trading platform, buycryptomarkets offers to include CFDs, indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

buycryptomarkets has several trading tools and features designed to make your trading experience as smooth as possible. The trading platform has been heralded as a simple and convenient platform without losing the functionality you would find at MetaTrader 4. Some education is also available through the trading platform, and highly responsive customer service is available 24 hours a day.

Please read my full buycryptomarkets review for further details of this forex broker so you can decide whether buycryptomarkets can meet your needs.

Who is buycryptomarkets?

buycryptomarkets is a global forex, spread betting, and CFD online broker. buycryptomarkets is an online Crypto and Forex Broker providing traders across the globe with cutting-edge technology to trade the world’s markets. In a continuous effort to give their traders a more comfortable and safe trading experience, their experts have been improving their service and solutions ensuring traders have the freedom to trade whenever and wherever they like.


buycryptomarkets product range overview

The product range at buycryptomarkets is average compared to other brokers. They offer a solid selection of currency pairs and CFDs, no futures CFDs, and an average number of commodity and stock index CFDs. additionally, they do offer leverage trading on the main cryptocurrencies.

Forex trading

More than 50 Forex pairs are available at buycryptomarkets with no commission and some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

Indices and Financial Trading

Indices and financial CFDs have flexible margin requirements and low spreads, representing some of the industry’s best spreads. There are no overnight or hidden fees of any description to worry about.

Commodities Trading

At buycryptomarkets, there are several commodity CFDs, including metals and energies.

Share CFDs Trading

Trade more than 100 company shares without ever owning the underlying security. At buycryptomarkets, you can access global stock exchanges with the option to go long and short and benefit from leverage. For non-leverage trading, there is zero commission.


Buycryptomarkets Accounts

There are a few trading account options at buycryptomarkets.  there is not a lot of info concerning this till you are actually in the registration process.

the only thing you should know is that the minimum deposit for opening an account is only $250.

Variety of Trading Accounts

No matter your trading exposure, you deserve an opportunity to trade in CFDs. With access to multiple trading account types, you can choose the right account for yourself and start performing trades in multiple CFDs.

The more experience you gain in the online trading market, the higher trading account you can adopt to trade in more challenging environments. If you are a beginner, start by making a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with a basic account.

Buycryptomarkets  web trading platform

The web platform allows you to place trades directly from your web browser in an easy-to-use interface that is customisable and available in several languages. The web trading platform falls short because of its lack of social trading; however, it is well-designed with several useful features.

There is a two-step login for additional security, and you can search for an asset using its name or by category. Order types include:

I was impressed with both the portfolio and fee reports which were comprehensive and easy to use, with clear information on commission, swap fees, and performance.

There are also the following useful features available on the trading platform:

Trailing stop

Trailing the position of a current price can then trigger a stop order as the price reaches a predetermined distance from a stop order. It works similarly to a stop order but in a more controlled way that aligns with movements in the market.

Market Sentiment

This allows you to closely monitor movements in the market using data from other traders concerning a specific instrument.


This allows you to mitigate risks by investing in the same product in a different direction.


Real-time charts provide up-to-the-moment information, including historical trends, forecasts, and current trends.

Buycryptomarkets mobile trading platform

The mobile trading platform is in keeping with the web trading platform, with much of the same functionality. 

The actual design is well laid out and easy to use with customizability. I found the mobile app fast with personalised watch lists and the ability to open positions directly from real-time charts.

There are price alerts that include statistical alerts, which can be monthly or yearly for currency pairs, indices, etc. Clicking on the alert will automatically open the app on the instrument.


buycryptomarkets customer service review

Customer service is excellent at buycryptomarkets, with immediate response times across multiple channels.

There are several channels for contacting customer support, including phone and email. When I tested their service, my query was dealt with immediately without even the intervention of a chatbot. The service provided via email and phone was similar, with fast, relevant responses to my queries. Customer service is provided 24/5, which is above average.

buycryptomarkets is opening an account.

The account opening process is straightforward, fully digital and quick. You will need your ID.

To open your account, you should first decide on the account type you wish to open

Then you can follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Select your country of residence
  • Add personal information, including name and email address
  • Choose a password
  • Enter your home address and tax residency
  • Complete some simple questions relating to your trading experience
  • Fill in information about your personal finances, such as income savings and employment status
  • Select your base currency
  • Upload your ID documentation and proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

buycryptomarkets Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals and essentially free, and the minimum deposit is high compared to what you would find at other brokers.

Before making your first deposit, you will need to choose between the following base currencies:


Deposit options include:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit and debit card
  3. Cryptocurrency

The minimum deposit is $5000, which is higher than other brokers. There are no fees should you choose to deposit via bank transfer from your bank account.

Bank transfers take several business days.

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods accepted for deposits, and there are no withdrawal fees for electronic wallets and credit/debit cards. 

buycryptomarkets safety

buycryptomarkets is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but is performing full due diligence to comply with AML regulations.

In addition, all client funds are held in segregated bank accounts to protect those funds should buycryptomarkets go bust.

The buycryptomarkets negative balance protection protects client funds should their balance go negative.

buycryptomarkets fees

buycryptomarkets has low CFD and forex fees and average non-trading fees.

Fees can be separated into two main categories for a CFD and forex broker: trading and non-trading fees.

Trading fees

The trading fees will vary depending on the financial instruments you are trading within each asset class. Trading fees can be charged as a spread, a commission, or a financing rate.

Spreads differ between the bid and ask price for a foreign currency price. Here’s how buycryptomarkets spreads compare against some other forex brokers:

Non-trading fees

buycryptomarkets has low non-trading fees as they do not charge deposit and withdrawal fees, and there is no account fee.

Inactivity fees are charged. There are inactivity fees to be aware of. However, these will only kick in once your account has been inactive for several months and you have a positive balance.

Who is buycryptomarkets suitable for?

buycryptomarkets is suitable for all levels of traders looking for a solid trading platform and very competitive spreads.

The selection of account types is aimed at both retail and professional investors.

Forex Risk Disclaimer

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. Concerning margin-based foreign exchange trading, off-exchange derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, there is considerable exposure to risk, including but not limited to leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection, and market volatility that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency or related instrument. It should not be assumed that these products’ methods, techniques, or indicators will be profitable or will not result in losses.


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Broker Reviews

Exallt Review – Demo Account – top 75 Broker ?

exallt review

Introduction to Exallt Review 

Let us start from the beginning. People should remember that Exallt offers many investment tools in the capital markets. Creating a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and more is possible.

It is a new brokerage that has just opened its door. That said, Exallt Live can offer exemplary services and products.

To get more details, proceed with Exallt review. The next sections will provide a detailed professional analysis of the broker and its offerings.

Broker Name:Exallt
Broker Type:CFD broker
Operating since year:2023
Regulation:Only KYC/AML
Broker status:Independent Broker
Customer Service
Phone:+44 2086382873
Email:[email protected]
Languages:English, Spanish
Availability:phone, email, Social Media
Trading platforms: Desktop, Mobile and Webtrader
The Trading platform Time zone:
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading:yes
Web-based trading:yes
Other trading instruments:Forex, CFD, crypto, commodities, indices, stocks
Minimum deposit ($):$5000
Maximal leverage:1:400


Exallt Trading Products and Interesting Details


Explore top commodities, trade what you want, when you want.

Explore trending commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and others, use innovative tools and make informed trading decisions at Exallt. Benefit from advanced charting and analysis as well as ultra-fast transaction processing. Exallt delivers a trading environment that helps investors to grow.

Interestingly, it is possible to trade different types of commodities. For example, oil and natural gas. Moreover, precious metals such as gold and silver.


Forex trading is made simple by Exallt.

Forex is the most traded market in the world. It is a decentralised global market for the trading of currencies. The most popular FX pairs involve major international currencies and experience the highest trading volumes and liquidity. This market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency.


Expand your trading opportunities. Trade the most popular indices at Exallt!

Indices are another in-demand trading asset. An index measures the performance of a group of stocks, bonds, or other assets. By trading indices, you can gain exposure to a wide range of assets without buying them individually. Most index trading is done with financial derivatives like CFDs. This makes it an ideal way to diversify your portfolio and manage risk.


Trade stocks at Exallt.

Exallt is about making stock trading easier. Get real-time access to stocks from top exchanges of the world. Diversify your portfolio with a large variety of leading global stocks. Stock trading ensures two ways of earnings: through capital appreciation or dividend payments. This market features the potential for the highest returns.


Exalt – the easiest and the most secure way to trade cryptocurrencies.

If you can time the market right, trading cryptocurrencies gives you much higher returns than traditional investments. It minimizes risk as you speculate on the rise and fall of the market without owning the asset. Being decentralised, cryptocurrencies allow for more freedom in trading, as there are no restrictions on how much can be traded or how often.

range of markets

range of markets

Exallt and its Trading Platform

It is hard not to mention its platform. Hopefully, it is quite easy to use the platform. 

As a reminder, trading is simple. The first step is to select an asset. All users have to do is click on the “asset” tab on the platform. They need to choose a preferred asset from the extensive tradable asset selection offered by the firm.

The next step is deciding on the amount a trader wants to invest in any trade. Unsurprisingly, the higher the investment, the higher the potential rewards.

Moreover, deciding whether to go short or long on their preferred asset is important. Advanced charts, graphical trading tools, technical indicators, and live analysis help to make an informed decision on probable future price movements.

It is important to remember about risk factors. When a trade position opens, customers should protect their positions from market risks. Customers should use Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Thanks to Stop Loss orders, it is possible to reduce potential losses. Moreover, Take Profit orders allows users to lock in their profits.

Users should remember that Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will automatically close their positions when triggered.

Exallt trading platform for all devices

Exallt trading platform for all devices

Exallt and Education

Hopefully, Exallt Live offers interesting information. It is desirable to read every chapter of the guide. Moreover, people will find this guide brimming with information for their financial education. Furthermore, Exallt ’s goal is to educate investors and bring transparent investing to anyone who wants it, not just the elite.

Security Of Funds


Exallt continually detects, assesses, monitors, and controls each risk associated with platform users’ trading transactions, operations, and actions. This means that they continuously evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of the policies, approaches, and procedures. Such a system approach allows Exallt to cover its financial needs and capital requirements quickly.


Exallt is incredibly proud of ensuring the ultimate protection of clients’ funds. They apply a model that keeps our clients’ funds separate from the company funds. In the unlikely event that Exallt would ever enter liquidation, the clients’ funds are wholly segregated off the balance sheet and cannot be used to cover the company’s debts and pay back creditors.


Exallt attentively chooses the financial services to partner with. Exalt needs additional facilities to support and conduct transactions. They partnered with payment service providers to work with numerous banks worldwide, including central tier-one banks such as Barclays, HSBC & Deutsche Bank. Rest assured, the security of Clients’ funds, alongside Execution and Customer support, forms the essential focus of Exallt’s activity.

Exallt Review: Conclusion

As can be seen from the review of Exallt , it makes sense to cooperate with this firm. . Moreover, its website provides many interesting details, and it is desirable to have a look through their website to see how well Exallt suits you.

We strongly hope that this Exallt review will give you accurate information about the broker enabling you to make the right decision of choosing this broker.

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Broker Reviews

Trading 212 review

Trading 212 Trading 212 deals View Similar Amazon US Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to democratize trading by making it accessible to the masses. Founded in 2006, Trading 212 allows users to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks, etc.

Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to democratize trading by making it accessible to the masses. Founded in 2006, Trading 212 allows users to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks, etc.

Trading 212 got the license to operate in the UK in 2013 and is approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of England and Wales). It has a freemium model offering the basic services without any charge hoping that the users opt for other paid services or transact on the CFD area of the platform.

As a user, you can use their web-based trading suite or download the application on your computer. There is even a mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones, in case you want to transact on the go.

What to expect

Trading 212 offers an easy DIY platform and allows over 1,800 instruments to trade, offering enough options to traders to decide where and how they want to invest their money. These instruments include major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Monero, EOS, Dash, Neo and more. Traditional assets like stocks, commodities and indices can also be traded on the platform. The diverse list of assets and choices available to trade on the platform should be attractive to many users.

Trading 212 2

(Image credit: Trading 212)

For first-timers, Trading 212 offers a demo account which lets you try out the platform and perform test transactions without registration. This demo account gives you a real-time experience of how the platform works on your computer and mobile applications. In case you decide to sign up, you do need to provide some official documents to verify your identity and address. These documents include:

  • ID Proof: a scanned color copy of passport, driving license or national ID
  • Address Proof: a utility bill or bank statement from the past three months carrying your address

These are simply standard requirements as part of anti-money laundering legislation.

Trading 212 3

(Image credit: Trading 212)

There is a set of questions which you need to answer for the company to understand your experience level as a trader. Trading 212 might reject your application on sign up, if the firm feels that it might be too risky for you to transact on such a platform. The entire signup process may take a good 10-15 minutes, so keep that much time handy.

Trading 212 offers you three different types of account: Trading 212 Invest, Trading 212 CFD and Trading 212 ISA.

Trading 212 Invest is best suited for traders who like to invest and trade in equities. However, the platform does not allow short-selling of equities, so in case you’re only interested in this type of trading then Trading 212 is not the right platform for you. Trading 212 ISA is only for UK-based traders who want to benefit from tax-free trading up to a certain amount, while Trading 212 CFD is open for all international traders.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal options, Trading 212 offers multiple choices like bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, Skrill, PayPal, Dotpay, Giropay, and Direct eBanking. Note that it only accepts payments in currencies like GBP, EUR and USD.

Trading 212 4

(Image credit: Trading 212)

The web platform is very easy to use and it offers an organized layout. On the extreme left, you have the instruments you follow by adding them to your watch-list. All your pending orders or previous purchases show right next to the watch-list. In case you want to modify your transaction after looking at the live trends, this can be done here as well.

The center part of the screen displays a detailed graph of any instrument that you want to follow. Useful tips and videos can be found on the bar on the right side. Various reports can be found grouped right under the login section.

Mobile app

The Trading 212 mobile application is also fairly easy to use and shows information in an easy to understand graphical format. Simple swipe gestures help you switch between different sections and instruments. You can set price alerts, access forum, reports, or training videos right from the menu. There is a demo account available for the mobile app too that allows you to transact in all the instruments.


Trading 212 is one of the few platforms that does not charge you for transactions and is transparent about the costs applicable with paid-for services. While withdrawing funds, there is a fee applicable on the wire transfers. Third-party transfer fees may also be levied, if applicable. The platform wants you to remain active and charges you for inactivity, if inactive for over 180 days consecutively.


Customer support is one of the most important features of any trading platform. Support is available by calling in, email or even through the contact page on the site. The website also has a live chat option in case you want to chat with a representative.

Trading 212 offers support in a wide range of languages including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese.

Regulations and credibility

Trading 212 is a trusted broker registered in England and Wales, and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is also registered in Bulgaria and is regulated by the local Financial Supervision Commission.

The company keeps the clients’ funds separate from the company funds and are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which offers a security of up to £85,000. In Bulgaria, 90% of deposits with a limit of €20,000 are secured by the Investors Compensation Fund or ICF Bulgaria.

Trading 212 allows users from across the globe to sign up, though regulations prohibit sign up from regions like American Samoa, Belgium, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Guam, Northern Cyprus, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Turkey, United States of America, and United States Virgin Islands.

Final verdict

Trading 212 is a very user-friendly trading platform, especially for beginners. The fact that you can try out the platform both on mobile and web before taking the plunge is a big advantage. Limitations like no short-selling may be a turn off for traders. However, the fact that Trading 212 offers over 1,800 assets and is very transparent about charges makes it one of the easiest recommendations for us.

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